Saturday, March 29, 2008

His red hair makes him crazy

I am trying to keep my head and not totally freak out. One meltdown this week is enough.

Rewind to Thursday night. Little man is just going through a stage, I know my head, I know this. He is testing and testing...but he is going end up hanging by his toe nails if he tests me too much more. He's picked up yelling...actually, more like screaming...and talking back...and mocking. Yes, he's 5 and yes, these are all things he is going to do...but when mommy is the size of a house and Daddy is sitting at the computer LAUGHING, it is not the time to push.
I cried...full on tears and gasping for breath. You would have thought I'd just found out they canceled Grey's Anatomy. He ended up in his room, daddy realized that I wasn't laughing and the night ended....okay.
Problem is, we go through this every single day and I don't know what else to do. Spanking doesn't work, time out doesn't work. I've taken everything I can away from him and that works for a few, but not long enough.
I told Jared (yes, I'm dropping the Hubby and Little Man, screw anonymity) I could deal with the fits, it's the throwing, kicking, and trying to hit that I refuse to put up with. Jared pulled at my hair and said, "you know where he gets that from, right?"

Okay, so maybe it's true...maybe the red hair does make him crazy....huh, wonder what that says about me?

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