Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lets talk weight and poop

My kid refuses to poop. He is obsessed with the word poop and one of his favorite phrases is 'hey poopy butt' yet when it comes to doing the deed he has some serious performance anxiety. It took 2 cans of prune juice and holding him down on the toilet to get him to poop on Easter. This was after being up all night screaming in pain on Saturday. You'd think we were murdering the child the way he was screaming and crying. I thought for certain he was birthing an alien or something, heck that would at least get us on the cover of a few magazines...but no, he's just full of...poop. Now here we are on Wednesday and guess what? No poop.

As for the weight part of this...I had a check up today. I've gained 11lbs in 4 weeks. I called my friend laughing hysterically. Yes, I find it funny...I'm large and in charge baby! Everything else is going fine with me and with baby. He's growing, I'm growing...we're just one big growing family.

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