Thursday, May 1, 2008

Morning funny...and a quick update

I haven't posted much lately, mostly b/c I've been tired...and lazy. Yes, I am a blogging slacker, go figure.
Anyway, not a whole lot going on. I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh with my was fun times. We shopped, we ate, we relaxed...I got to take a shower without interruption and eat an entire meal all to myself! I bought stuff for Ian's room...have I mentioned that I LOVE IKEA? LOVE.IT!
Aiden has been sick since Sunday. No idea what is wrong, we go to the Dr. today. One minute he's fine and the next his fever spikes and he's coughing. Haven't slept through the night, or at the very least with just waking up once. It's more like every 2 hours. Maybe Aiden is just trying to prep me for June.hmmm...

At any rate, on to my morning funny. Well I think it's funny, but he's my kid. :)

"Mommy, I need to show you what Four did"
Pulls pant leg up to show the tiniest little scratch
"He scratched me!!"
"Sweetie, he just thought you were coming over to play, he forgets he has claws and gets excited sometimes"
"But he didn't say he was sorry"
"Well, he can't talk"
"He can meow. He could meow and tell me sorry."

How do you argue with that!?Guess I need to find a book on teaching the cat manners ;)

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Becky said...

That's too cute!