Sunday, June 1, 2008

Are you going to have a baby?

Aiden: Mommy, on Friday is that baby going to come out of your bellly?
Me: Maybe, he could show up anytime now
Aiden: Is it going to hurt?
Me & Jared: Yea (b/c Jared would know...)
Aiden: Is it going to bleed?
Me: *laughing* maybe a little
Aiden: That's okay, you can just put a bandaid on it
Me: Yea, something like that.

Aiden has become obsessed with when this baby is coming, almost as much as I have but for very different reasons. He wants to hug and kiss 'the baby' and was completely appalled when he lifted my shirt to find my belly button hiding behind my maternity pants. Apparently the only way he can talk or kiss the baby, is if it directly in to my belly button.
Unfortunately, I'm fairly certain Aiden thinks this kid is going to pop out a walking talking toddler for him to play with and boss around. We've tried explaining that he's going to be little for a long time (long time in the eyes of a 5 year old anyway) and that he's really not going to do much for awhile. Aiden nods and agrees, but I really don't think he gets it.

At any rate, it dawned on me today that no matter what, in a mere 2.5 weeks I will be having this baby. Hopefully sooner but if he decides to be stubborn like his brother, the doctor already said they would induce a week past my due date. That would be June 19th for anyone keeping track.
2.5 weeks...yikes.

I'm huge, I'm uncomfortable and I'm ready to have this baby...but wow, it's kind of scary that it's about to be a reality.

Things I should have done but don't:
Crib in baby's room
changing table in baby's room
house clean
hospital bag packed
coming home outfit picked out
car seat installed in car

What can I say...I like to wait until the last minute to do everything...hmm...and I wonder where my kid(s) get it :)


andrea said...

you mean you don't communicate w/ babies through belly buttons?!!

how cute is he? and it's almost time for that little one... exciting!

Jill said...

Aiden cracks me up!