Friday, June 27, 2008

Are you sure?

Some of Aiden's new favorites:

"Are you sure?"

The sky is blue
Are you sure?
Grandma isn't home
Are you sure?
It's nap time
Are you sure?

You get the idea...*insert eye roll here*

"blah blah blah"
Um, what? Are you 12?

"Whatever, I can do whatever I want"
Again, when did you become a teenager?

"lets roll out"
Yea...thanks uncle Troy

He has also picked up my mothers accent. My mom was born and raised in OH but somehow picked up a WV/southern accent, it's especially bad when she's been drinking. Yep, my son has picked it up, it's funny...but it's not.

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Wishing 4 One said...

Um, sorry but I was cracking up when i read this one. I can just imagine him saying all those things, too cute! The WV accent is it close to a Maryland one? A girl I went to college with was from Maryland and it was the first time i ever heard someone from there talk. A little strange in a different kind of way, but cool. So lets just hope he doesn't start drinking too, LOL. Glad I found you today.