Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birth Photography

I know some people might think it's strange to have a professional photographer come in to take pictures of you giving birth, I was one of them...until I saw the pictures.

I had Steph from 831 Photography in the hospital with me from the beginning of labor until the end. I know, you are probably thinking WHY? The short answer...why not?

The long's a once in a life time opportunity. No matter what happens you will never be able to recreate the day your child was born. It's simply not possible. Now, I've been talking to Steph via a message board for some time and I'd met her once, but even if I hadn't, I still would have had her there. She did an amazing job and I can not say enough about how she captures the emotions of such an amazing event. I know it's not for everyone, for some people they don't want anyone in the room except their husband and doctor and there is nothing wrong with that. Me? I figure there are so many nurses and doctors there with my goods on display, what's one more. Plus, it's not like she's at the foot of the bed snapping shots of anything I wouldn't want to share with my family. The pictures are tasteful and beautiful...and priceless. decide on which ones to order.

For anyone who hasn't seen them (and really, I've been such an attention whore, I doubt there is anyone reading this who HASN'T seen them) here are the slide show links :)


Kristin said...

I think it's a wonderful thing to capture!! She did an AWESOME job. Luckily my husband does a great job capturing our births!! LOL

Tammy said...

I agree, it is a wonderful thing to capture. I told my family about it and the look they gave me was if I had just grown 4 eyes and a horn. LOL Steph did a wonderful job, as usual. I only hope that I can have one done as well. =)

andrea said...

i seriously just adore these birth pictures! mike thinks its a little strange but what the hell does he know?!!
i hadn't seen the day 2 pictures - they are gorgeous :)