Friday, July 18, 2008

1 month stats and update

Before you say it, I know this needs pictures. I have them, I'm just far too tired to get them off the camera and edit right now. I will later, promise!

Ian is 1 month old, actually he's 5 weeks and 1 day but who's counting, right?

He had his check up yesterday and he is weighing in at 9lbs 11oz!! Almost a full 2lbs up from birth! He's 21 1/4 inches long...he is getting so big!!

In other news, Aiden went camping with my parents and came home with an ear infection. Poor guy has been running a fever since yesterday and just watching tv.

Mommy? She's tired and wants both boys to nap so she can SLEEP! She is also in need of an adult beverage, but it's a little early for all that.

I promise a better blog at a later time.

1 comment:

Karol said...

Glad to hear peanut is on his way to the healthy baby fat that we love!! Hope Aiden feels better soon!!

*Oh, and on the adult beverage, I'm so bringing some concoctions to OBX!!