Monday, July 7, 2008

Aiden's first word(s)

JenM asked me what Aiden's first word I shall answer. (Karol, I didn't skip you, just haven't had time to finish that story yet ;) )

Aiden said the usual sounds/words...mama & dada. His first real word? Tickle. Not.even.kidding. Most kids say dog or ball, not mine...he said tickle. Okay, so maybe it was my fault b/c I loved tickling the poor child and listening to him giggle.

His second real word, Stacy *rolls eyes*

He was a late talker, he would babble non stop and carry on conversations that nobody else could understand, but didn't actually start speaking in English for quite some time. We even thought something might be wrong.

Of course once he started, he hasn't stopped. Go figure


Karol said...

I see how it is. :( JenM's more important than me. Boo to you! ;)

JenM said...

And JenM has been a horrible blog reader lately!

How cute - thanks for answering. Sorry Karol, but it is what it is. :-)