Monday, July 14, 2008

Confessions of the day

1. I am a closeted control freak.
I like things done my way and it secretly annoys me when they don't get done like that. I generally don't say anything but I have come to realize that I'm more of a control freak then I ever even realized, which brings me to my second confession

2. I am a poor communicator.
I'm a bottler...I let things simmer and stew around in my head until I either freak out or cry. The melt down usually starts with me being quiet and not looking Jared in the usually ends with me crying and him apologizing for whatever it is that he's done, or hasn't done, to irritate me. God am I lucky to have a man that knows how to apologize.

3. I am not good at being wrong.
I can admit fault to some people...but I have a really hard time admitting it to other people who share this same flaw. It's like a power struggle.

4. I have authority issues.
I've always been a rule follower but when it came to people close to me, if they told me I couldn't do something...I immediately had to do it. Typical? Yes, for a high schooler...but I'm still the same way. If Jared ever had the audacity to tell me I couldn't do something or go somewhere I'd probably do it out of spite. Of course, he knows better...he's much better at appealing to my rational side and making me decide to not do whatever dumb thing I'm considering.

5. I am a horrid housekeeper
Seriously...horrible. I hate everything about cleaning...there is not one single chore that I consider tolerable. It's all torture if you ask me. I do enjoy the way the house looks on the rare occasion that it is clean but I hate getting it to be that way.

6. I procrastinate on everything.
I must do everything at the last minute, I work well under pressure. I once had to go to walmart at 7am, missing my first class, to by ink for my printer b/c I stayed up all night finishing my English paper...a paper that I had at least 3 weeks to work on and counted for a good chunk of my final grade. I'm the girl that makes lists but doesn't cross anything off those lists until the day/hour before absolutely necessary. Jared is the same way...and yet this trait annoys me in him.

7. I am a hypocrite
**see #6**


KC said...

Wow, that was scary reading that. We are a lot alike. Could't agree more about household chores. I dread them. Good thing DH is good at all of them.


Karol said...

Wow, now I realize why we're such good friends! Love you woman!

Kristin said...

Haha!! I felt like I was reading something I wrote!