Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Karol, you ask, I answer

Karol asked me how Jared and I met (even though she already knows the story) and b/c she asked...I shall answer.

My senior year of HS my best friend worked in a restaurant, she was constantly telling me stories of all the cute boys at work. It was spring break and we both had the night off with nothing to do. She decided we should go see what one of the guys at work was doing, so we did. Jared was a cook at the time and had just turned 21. I'd seen him before since I frequently went to visit her at work but this was the first time we'd actually met.
It was decided that he and his roommate would come to my house, with beer, when he got off work.
They showed up and we drank Woodchuck. I drank one b/c I'm not a beer drinker...my friend on the other hand, drank way too many. Which at that time, was probably 3. Anyway, the whole night I was trying to hook my friend and Jared up. I tried to arrange the seats so they were next to each other, showed him pictures of her in my photo albums. Anything I could think of.

After a little while she wasn't feeling so hot and ended up puking in my bathroom. She was also calling for Jared to come hold her hair, and being the nice guy that he is...he did it. His poor roommate probably didn't know what to think at this point. My mom woke up and wanted to know what on earth was going on. I told her (she wasn't mad, if you know my mom you'd understand) and she told us to quiet down. It was probably 2am at this point. She decided that the boys had drank way too much and that they weren't leaving. They went out and parked their car down the street so my dad wouldn't see it when he left for work. The four of us were sent to my room until my dad left (7-7:30am but he wakes up around 4-5)
My friend and Jared's roommate both passed out leaving Jared and I to entertain ourselves.
We ended up talking all night, literally. We never went to sleep and we talked about anything and everything. I had to take my mom somewhere that morning and I even had him kill a spider in the bathroom for me when I went to shower...little did he know that 9 years later he would still be killing spiders for me.

The boys left and my friend wanted to know if I thought Jared liked me. Honestly, I didn't. I mean the whole evening was about fixing them up.

As it turns out, he thought the whole night was about him getting fixed up with ME.
After a whole lot of high school girl drama, Jared and I ended up together...and yes, she and I are still friends.

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Karol said...

That's still too funny about the match-making gone wrong! Love you two!