Sunday, July 27, 2008

Man boards

So it's pretty well known that I am a message board addict. I have two boards that I check religiously.
This is a conversation between Jared and I the other night, while he's trying to talk me in to nookie. I was

J: Come on...
S: You realize you've got one shot, we should just wait until this weekend when I'm cute
J: You're cute right now
S: laughing Yea, okay (was NOT looking cute)
J: What, I only get nookie once a week?
S: You're luck you get that at this point
J: You know, this is what the man boards say will happen
S: Man boards?
J: Yea, man boards...reciting a fictitious chat
MB: How long have you been married?
J: 3 years
MB: and how many kids do you have?
J: 2
MB: oh yea, all goes down hill now. You'll never get any
J: damn
S: laughing
J: Come on...
S: Not happening, I'm going to's past your bedtime

**baby woke up about 10 mins later**

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Karol said...

Rofl! That's too funny. We're actually getting better (tmi, I know). He'll get over it. Then one day...*poof* it all comes back together again.

Then we go through menopause!


wow...i'm definitely good at entertaining myself today!