Friday, August 1, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

This is my first installment of 'My Husband Rocks Friday'. I didn't do it last week because A. I was busy and didn't have time and B. I was pissy. Yea, what can I say?

So, why does my husband rock? He's honest to a fault. Yes, sometimes this can be frustrating when I'd really rather he just tell me what I want to hear...but I know that I will always get the truth from him. If I ask him if he wants to do something, he won't just appease me and be pissy about it the whole time. If I say something he disagrees with, he'll tell me. He won't fight with me about it, he'll just tell me the truth. The best part? When it's just an ordinary afternoon and he tells me I look pretty, I know he means it. He doesn't hand out half hearted compliments.

When Aiden asks him a question, he doesn't just give him some generic answer...he gives him the truth, even if Aiden doesn't understand the answer yet. He is an amazing father, even if he doesn't realize it, and a wonderful husband. Yea, he rocks.


natalie said...

Aww! Honesty is the best!

And Jared does rock :)

Karol said...

That's awesome that he's very truthful (is that a word?!)

**'s for him on telling you look pretty at random times. It's great to hear that!

WTG Jared!

Katy Lin :) said...

he sounds wonderful! thanks for joining :)

JenM said...

Aw, what a good guy!

JenM said...

What a great guy! I love that he takes the time to explain things to Aiden. How sweet.

Kristin said...

Chris gives Colton the total truth also! I love when he looks so confused after listening to his answers!

Also, honesty is the key!