Monday, July 7, 2008

My sweet boy...

Jared put Aiden to bed around 9 tonight. About an hour later I go upstairs to change and he's sitting up in his bed. Thinking something might be wrong I turn the light on and ask him what he's doing.

"They need a pillow"
"Aiden, what?" a little annoyed that he's still awake knowing he'll still be up at 7am.
"I got up and turned the fan off. They need a pillow to be comfortable but they can't have mine" looking around to see if he can find another pillow, completely perplexed as to what he should do.
"Who needs a pillow?"
"Froggie and shark" points to his floor "I covered them up but they need a pillow"
"Well sweetie, shark in on your shirt, they can use that as a pillow. Get back to bed"
"OH OKAY" hops out of bed, moves shark and froggie so they are laying on the shirt and covers them up with the sheet from his bed.

I will update tomorrow with pictures of shark and froggie, no they are not stuffed animals. Froggie is from the Jumping Frog game. It's a tiny rubber frog. Shark is a plastic shark that opens it's mouth...and he eats froggie. Nice, I know.

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Frazier said...

I came bacl too see pics and found NOTHING.