Sunday, July 27, 2008

You know there's an open bar when...

We attended a wedding on Saturday with Jared's co-workers. It was actually his boss getting married. His boss reminds me of Robert DeNiro in Analyze This, with a much larger belly. Imagine DiNiro 9 months pregnant...that is what his boss looks like. The rest of his body is not fat, just his belly....and he has a hard core NY accent and refers to people as 'kid'. His bride? Old enough to be his daughter...:shrugs:
My husband is not good with details, it took me weeks to find out what time the wedding started and where it was...and asking him for help on what to wear was nearly impossible. I'm not sure why it was so difficult for him to find out something as simple as formal or informal. I saw the actual invite on the day of the wedding...only to find out, it's just the wedding reception.

The wedding was definitely formal and I am so glad I ended up wearing black! The place was DECKED OUT! There was more food at this wedding then I have ever seen. Tables of meats, cheeses, veggies, fruits, cookies, chocolate fountain. Not to mention the top shelf bar. Absolute and 3 Olives were my friends...and the bartenders, knew how to make a drink. My first one, I'm pretty sure was just colored with food coloring rather then cranberry.
We made it through dinner without incident...which consisted of 4 different stations.
1.Chicken Marsala, carrots, 2 different pastas that were to die for
2.Prime Rib, Fish, Manicotti, Gnocchi, rolls
3.Potatoes, green beans...and honestly I'm not sure what else b/c I was so full from 1 and 2
4. Salad...and again, not sure what else. This probably should have been 1, but we went straight for the good stuff.

Now, I wish I would have taken my camera just to get pictures of people I don't know. There were more 'money' relationships there then I have ever seen in one room! Come on, you know what I'm talking about...old, not so good looking man with his cute young wife decked out head to toe. Yea...maybe it's true love...sure.
There were also so many interesting dresses, some really beautiful...and some, not so much. Like 'Dress Girl'. She was probably 40ish in this low cut dress 2 sizes too small with so much jewelry, I don't know how she kept her head up. Good thing she had that not so good looking older man to help her ;)

A few signs of an open bar:

~Not only are the girls taking off their shoes, so are the guys. Yes one of the guys took his 'square' shoes off at some point and was walking around, outside, in his socks.
~Bets are being taken to see which girl is going to fall out of her dress first. All the guys had their cameras ready.
~The person you thought would be obnoxious is looking pretty tame compared to that other guy. Yep, shoe guy made everyone look tame.
~You've lost count of just how many drinks you've had. Guilty! I think it was 6ish...
~The girl behind the bar has your drink ready before you get there b/c she could hear you coming. Nope, not me...this would be car guy.
~You take a cab to the wedding...and then to the bar afterwards. Klassy, I know
~There is a guy outside yelling 'hey pussy, come here pussy' a cat and it is seriously, the funniest thing ever. Shoe guy strikes again!
~You find yourself having a deep and meaningful conversation about music with a 15 year old. I'm pretty sure Jared wanted to adopt this kid
~You leave to get your wife a drink and disappear for 20 mins...and she doesn't kill you. Yes, Jared did a wedding where I knew nobody.

All in was a good time. We met friends at a bar after where I had a few more drinks. I have come to realize I am too old and have been out of practice for too long to drink like that. Boy oh boy was I tired today.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog...'You know you're too old to party like a rock star when...'


Jill said...

You look AMAZING in that pic :)

andrea said...

aww stacey, rockin it out! at least you looked good huh?

Karol said...

You still looked hot doing it though! Takes a few days to recover, huh? That's what happens when we get old!

Love you!