Thursday, August 28, 2008

Browns vs. Steelers in the eyes of a 5 year old

We're at Walmart today and Aiden is checking out the baby clothes. Last week he begged me to buy Ian a $17 Cleveland Browns onesie. I said no, he was completely floored that I wouldn't buy it, telling me that Ian needs it and Daddy would like it.

Today he looks at me and asks what is on one of the shirts. It says Steelers.

A: Oh, I love the Steelers
M: No you don't, you love the Browns *grinning*
A: No mommy, really, I love the Steelers. They're better then the Browns *disgusted*

Now...if you know my husband, you know that this would not go over well in our house. I just laughed it off and figured I'd tell Jared about it later.

Fast forward to 8:45 tonight, on our way home from my parents house.

A: Mommy, when I go to Kindergarten I'm gonna tell all my teachers about the Steelers.
M: You need to tell them GO Browns!
A: No mommy, the steelers are better. They can steal the ball and cross that line, you know, that line, and win. They're cheaters too. Bunch of cheaters. But they're better then the Browns
M: *laughing* Okay sweetie, you make sure you tell Daddy why you like the Steelers when we get home
A: Oh, I will!

Football season should be interesting. I'm tempted to buy Aiden a Steelers shirt, is that wrong?


kccat said...

Very cute and funny. You so gotta buy him a Steelers shirt. But I'm also a little biased, DH is a HUGE Steeler fan and has drafted me in the last year or two to be a fan. Not to worry, Im not a trader because I was never a Browns fan to begin with. Yes, football season should be real interesting in your house this year. Go Steelers ;)

andrea said...

OMG do I love Aiden!! He is hilarious :)

Jill said...

well, I know how that would go over in MY house, so I can assume how it would go over in your house :)

Amy said...


Steve would get in a fight with his 5yr old over this. Let's hope Jared is a little more, ummm, mature about the situation.