Saturday, August 30, 2008

I confess, I'm in the closet

My husband knows...a few of my real life friends know...but for the most part, it's my own personal secret that I only share with the anonymous blogging world.

I am a closeted blogger.


Why is this? Well obviously I'd rather air my dirty laundry to complete strangers then deal with it in the harsh reality of real life. I mean, what other reason could there be?

Jared knows I have a blog, about a month ago he walked past my computer while it was open, the title caught his attention and then he realized it was mine. I never told him about it...and in fact I find myself blogging while he's not around for fear that he may want to read it. I have no idea why I do this...there's nothing in here he doesn't already know.
Only 3 of my real life friends know that I write this. (well except for my message board real life friends, love you girls too) One of them is on said message boards, the other I actually *gasp* gave her the link to my secret world and the third...well she's sneaky and must have found me when I left an anonymous comment on her own blog.

So, while I probably should come out of the closet and show my goods (or not so much) to the world, I think for now I will continue with my little secret. I know I can trust you, right bloggers?


kccat said...

Yea I am pretty much a closeted blogger too. only a few of my close friends know about. DH knows about it but couldn't care less. Co-workers don't know about it. Trying to keep it that way.

Karol said...

STACY!!! I love you're new makeover!! It looks great!!!