Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No exotic dancers

Apparently "exotic dancer" is the PG way to say stripper.

A: Mommy, what does no exotic dancer mean?
M: What?
A: exotic dancer, what does that mean?
M: Um...*laughing* it means he doesn't want to dance
A: WHAT? *appalled* No dancing??
M: *laughing* No dancing
A: *goes back to watching Fantastic 4*


Karol said...

oh, i'm started to depend on my daily dose of Aiden-ism's. That kids a riot!!

Jill said...

You could totally make a book of Aiden-isms. I'd buy it

natalie said...

I believe Chloe would be appalled if she heard someone didn't want to dance as well ;) Too cute.

kccat said...

Oh my. Too funny!!!!