Monday, October 20, 2008

I've been tagged!

Jill over at Maybe It's Just Me tagged me and I figured I'd better do it now...otherwise I'll forget. Speaking of, I think Karol gave me an award awhile back that I never blogged about. hmm...I'll get to it, I swear :) goes, all about my friends!

1.Do you have the same friends since childhood?Yep, I've known all my girls since middle school...some longer. I am extremely lucky to have such an amazing group of friends.

2. What do you value most about your friends? The fact that they love me no matter what...and we've all been through so much and changed in so many ways but we can still call each other to cry or laugh or just vent.

3. Are your friends sounding boards? Definitely

4. What is your favorite activity to share with friends? Just getting to see each other. We're all so busy...that even meeting up for dinner or a drink is an accomplishment!

And now... I think I'm gonna tag..........

Karol, Natalie, Anne, and Kirstie

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