Sunday, October 12, 2008

What should I be for Halloween?

Every year we go to a Halloween party...this year is supposedly the final one. After 10, it's understandable...but doubtful.

Anyway, what should I/we dress up as??
Past years:

1999: Hooker

2000: Fairy/Princess

2001: Succubus

2002: Cat (I was 8 months prego...and there was a stolen camera this year, so no pics)
2003: Santa's mistress

2004: Dark angel

2005: Geisha girl

2006: School girl

2007: Country girl (was newly prego and only at the party for an hour)

Next year, provided we have a party to go to and I'm skinny:

Although I am not delusional, I know my boobs will never look like that!

But...what to do this year??

And can we talk about how chubby I got over the past 10 years. Ah, to have my 19 year old body back again...and actually appreciate it!


Jill said...

You could be Pipi Longstocking...

I'm gonna be trainwreck Britney and Paul is going as KFed

Karol said...

Lol...Those pictures are awesome!! I've got to figure something out myself!!