Saturday, November 1, 2008


Am I the only one who can not take a compliment well?

I had a friend tell me I was looking skinny...instead of politely saying thank you, like a normal person, I stumble around and said 'oh, um...*laughs* thanks'...and then proceed to tell her all the not skinny things about me.

A guy at work told me I had nice teeth (yea, who says that?!) and another guy told me I was pretty...only this time I blush like I'm 12 years old and my brothers friends have finally noticed that I have boobs.

These are only a few examples.

What is wrong with me?!?!


Amy said...

I do the same thing!

Normally I reply with "Uh, ok." and quickly change the subject.

Brooke said...

I do the same thing. I try to change the subject or point out something not nice. I don't know why. Like if someone says: "You look really cute." I say "Yeah, but my hair is crap today." Maybe it's a woman thing?

Annegirrl said...

We just can't accept a compliment nicely can we? I suck at compliment accepting as well.