Sunday, November 30, 2008

Days when being mommy sucks a fatty

I'm having one (or two?) of those days.

We started the day out okay, after 12 hours of sleep I would hope so (him, not me)

We headed out to Chuck E. know, where a kid can be a kid. Including mean kids who like to pick on other kids while roaming around the tunnels. I know this b/c some bully decided to punch and kick my kid while in there...who then came crying to us b/c come on people, he's not even 6. I'm pretty sure if I would have seen that kid, I may have been tempted to kick him myself. Yes, mature, I know...but nobody gets to mess with my kid but me!

Other then that...the trip to the big mouse place, decent. Came was good. I was a good wife and told hubby to go ahead and play cards with the boys. No biggie.

7:50 rolls around...10 minutes till bedtime.
8PM Meltdown. He doesn't want to pick his toys up. We explained to him earlier, after a whirlwind cleaning spree that if he doesn't pick his toys up out of the living room at the end of the night, or when we ask, they'll get thrown away. We're sick of tripping over his crap...we have enough of our own crap to trip over thankyouverymuch.
So...after much screaming and attitude that should not come from the mouth of a child under 13 years old...Introducing Whippy Stick

Yes, those are glue sticks
Yes, I use them
Yes, it hurts

No judging, please. I'm done...I'm tired and I'm done having my 5 year old talk to me like he's 13...lord help me when he actually is 13.

So yes, I spanked him with the whippy stick...and yes, I felt horrible when he was crying and telling me he'd be good...only to follow it up with "I DON'T WANT TO" and "It won't even hurt" Hands on hips, head cocked to the side with a look of sheer defiance.*


So...after throwing 3 cars in the trash b/c he refused to pick them up like I asked and after many many chances and warnings of 'you don't talk to mommy like that'....he's now in bed and I am going to enjoy the peaceful downstairs and catch up on my DVR...b/c I get to go shopping with both boys and my mother tomorrow.

The fun just doesn't end.

Jealous yet?

*yes, I realize he probably gets this from me and my damn red hair.


kccat said...

My sis did the same thing a few months ago with her 3 year old. He wouldn't pick up his stuff so she bagged it all and said she was giving it to needy kids. She actually put them in the basement. Not sure if he has found them yet.

Anonymous said...

You know I love you...and I love the bubbies...but jeez louise! I couldn't do it. I feel bad/guilty/like a bad mother when I make the dogs go out to pee in the yard when the grass is wet!

Best of luck with that whole "bein' a Mom" gig.


Anonymous said...

did you and I give birth to the very same child? cuz you just described every day of my life with my Aidan.