Monday, November 17, 2008

I can't believe I forgot to post these

I torture my infant son and forget to blog about it? Bad mommy and bad blogger!

Okay, so I saw all these adorable pictures of babies sitting inside of pumpkins with their toothless grins and thought I simply must do this. I mean, seriously, what could be cuter, right?!

I started by hunting down a pumpkin my little guy would fit in, surprisingly enough we found one at our first stop, SCORE!!
We ended up doing it at my parents house, Aiden helped with the cleaning process.

It was already dark so I decided to do a trial run inside, just to see how he'd do. My dad insisted on putting a bag inside the pumpkin so he wouldn't get covered in pumpkin guts. Ian had other plans, he refused to sit down and was completely confused by the whole situation.

Well of course I couldn't let it go at that, I mean I was going to get that picture of my baby sitting happily inside a gutted pumpkin. So, before heading out for trick or treat, I deemed it necessary to torment my son some more. This time, I cut leg holes, giving him no choice but to sit down. My mother was horrified, insisting he was freezing (he wasn't) and that I needed to take him inside ASAP (I didn't) smiling going on...lets keep trying. Aiden, help me out!

Ah well. Maybe next year?! hehehe

as an added bonus, here is Aiden and Ian all dressed up:

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Contents:Honest said...

That's pretty flippin' funny!!