Monday, November 17, 2008

The pee-pee conversation

So while I was gone over the weekend Jared and Aiden got in some serious bonding time. They hung out and played video games, watched movies, went the the Science/History museum, did some manly shopping at Lowes and Home Depot (my mom had the baby). Fun times.

So Jared tells me that he tried to have the 'touching your pee-pee' conversation with Aiden, I figured he was talking about the fact that Aiden likes to grab himself, all.the.time. Seriously, I didn't realize it started this early.

Nope, Jared sat down and tried to have a serious father son talk about how Aiden shouldn't let anyone touch his pee-pee (that word is really annoying, thank you daddy) and nobody should try to get you to touch theirs. Now, we've had the 'privates' talk with Aiden before but he's always been too young to really 'get it'. He would just go back to playing cars and surely forgot about it 30 seconds later.
So Jared is feeling pretty good as Aiden is listening and after they carry on with a discussion of more pressing exactly how does the Hulk bust out of his clothes. 5 minutes later Aiden comes over to Jared, completely confused and says "Daddy, why would someone want to touch my pee-pee?"

Yea, Jared wasn't prepared for questions. Seriously? Not prepared, he's almost 6 and questions why the sky is blue...and you weren't prepared?! He tried to play it off by telling him some people are just sick. Yea, great explanation daddy. Now he's going to be paranoid when the old man at the grocery store coughs he's going to want to touch his pee-pee!

Then tonight, Aiden is getting in the bath tub and I'm getting the water ready and he's covering himself. I'm thinking 'oh great, here we go'. No, he wasn't embarrassed, he proceeds to say:
"Mommy, my pee-pee is so big. When I grab it like this (cupping his whole 'area') it feels so big"

OMG, seriously!??!?! I just told him to get in the tub.

These are the joys of little boys...I'm going to drink myself through puberty I think.


natalie said...

OMG. This may be one of the only times I will ever say I'm thankful I have a girl.... yikes! haha!

Brooke said...

Holy crap. That was kind of funny. Connor has discovered he has a penis now. Right now it's just a flicking toy for him :eyeroll:

Amy said...

Something to look forward to! Linc hasn't discovered his yet but I know it's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! Priceless.

Tiffanie said...

AHHHHHHHH! i'll send vodka. STAT.