Monday, December 29, 2008

The crappy Christmas blog

The one where I sound like an ungrateful brat. Yep, that's what this one is!

For weeks my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and each time I would tell her that the only thing I could really use was gift cards. Gift cards to clothing stores or Target. Why? B/c I'm working on this whole getting skinny thing and when I get there, I want to go shopping. If I have gift cards, I won't feel guilty for spending money on clothes for me. Seems simple enough.
So...on Christmas morning what do I open instead of gift cards? CLOTHES! 3 shirts...2 XL's and an XXL! REALLY MOM?!?! On top of that, one is black with a huge gold butterfly on it. My head would be the head of the butterfly. Even if it did fit, there's no way I would wear it. She did get me a gift card, for WalMart. Great, I can buy groceries. Yes, I realize they sell clothes but after working my ass off to get skinny you'd better believe I'm taking my ass to the mall!
**The non bitchy part of me should mention she bought Jared and I a double sided cast iron griddle, a new large skillet and I did get a CD, Book and cute set from Bath and Body**

Now...on to my grandparents. Oy. They live in FL and god love em'...they insist on sending gifts. They're old (grandma just turned 80) so I expect the crazy stuff..but they live with my 2 aunts, one of which is in her 40's and pretty trendy. Every year they send a box of oranges, which is fine...and this year they sent my mom a check and told her to go buy everyone something they could use. Perfect!
They still sent a box, from everyone. I got a set of roosters. Ceramic bright red roosters, with a matching kitchen timer. I realize some of you don't know me in real life, but I'm not exactly in to the whole country look. Roosters...really, not my style. These roosters especially are god aweful ugly. They have white elephant written all over them for next year! I wish I would have taken a picture but, I forgot.
I did get pictures of the gifts they sent Jared, dad and Aiden:

A set of ceramic fish for Jared...he likes to fish, so obviously this makes sense.

A duck dish for my dad and my brother...b/c they like ducks?

And a puzzle for Aiden...a 750 piece puzzle for my 6 year old b/c, you know, 1000 was just too many.


Anonymous said...

Oh, honey. I feel your pain. My mom bought me 2X polar bear pajamas. I wear the top as a night shirt...and the pants will someday make PERFECT 3rd trimester maternity pants. I also got a 2X sweater that I thought I could just wear big--but it's the bad kind of big that just makes me look fatter. Maybe it needs to take a spin in my hot cycle?

My birthday was even worse...a 3X old-lady-nursing home robe. REALLY?! TRIPLE X?!?! Come on! There's a lovely picture of me wearing it on my blog in the August archives. :)

Brooke said...

Oh crap. I don't know your dad at all, but that picture of him and the duck dish cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

I KNOW!!! Why won't my mother-in-law stop buying me dress socks and elestic waisted jeans? Why? I'm a stay at home mom so I've got no use for dress socks. And I'm a stay at home mom, must I wear "Mom Jeans"?