Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meal planning, day 1

So I decided since I'm now a work at home mom, I'd try my hand at this whole meal planning thing...and being organized...and cleaning my house on a regular basis...and having perfectly behaved children...or something like that. Baby steps, right?

So, I sat down over the weekend and took stock of what we had. We have enough meat for the next year, so with that, I'm good.

Yesterday was lasagna...and I have to say, it came out damn good. It's one of those things that I throw together. It's never the same recipe. Sometimes it's better then others. Last night was definitely one of the better batches. Which is good b/c I made a TON so I could freeze half.
Today we're having left overs b/c I'm busy cleaning for our NYE get together.
Yes, busy cleaning, as is obvious by my blogging. What?

So far so good.

A girl on one of my boards gave me the idea to start using Google calendar. I was using Cozi, which I love...but Jared never checked it. At least with google, it's on his homepage, he has to look at it at some point. Plus, he can check it from his phone. I filled it in with all our appointments, bill due dates, birthdays, what we're having for dinner on what night and even what chores I want do on each day.

Yea, sounds great in theory, huh? I give it a week before I forget all about it and I decide I don't want what is on the menu, we're ordering pizza.

BTW, in case you are wondering (and I'm sure you were!)...WW is on hold until after Aiden's birthday party (2 weeks) I got down to 149, I'm back at 151 and I'm certain that number will go up more before it's time to get back on the bandwagon :)


kccat said...

Congrats on all the weight loss. Awesome job. I am on hold food/weight wise until tomorrow. Too hard to get through the holidays and bday not eating the good stuff.

I like the google calendar idea. I may have to look into that.

kccat said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I start back on the diet tomorrow. Too much good food during the two weeks holiday and bday.

I like the idea of the google calendar. I may have to look into that myself.