Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fun stuff

While browsing blogs I came across Nicole who is also outnumbered in her house full of boys! She posted this fun little meme from Golden Goodness and I decided I wanted to play along.

I know it's not Friday...but I'm doing it anyway :)

1. Do you and your spouse still celebrate Valentine's Day?
Not really...we might buy cards or candy...he might get me a rose...and he might get lucky that night. All depends on what's going on :)

2. When's the last time you licked a stamp?
Do they even still have stamps you have to lick??

3. How many clocks are in your home?
mmm...5 including the stove/microwave and computers.

4. What holiday is closest to your birthday?

5. Do you cook anything the same way your mother made it when you were growing up?
My mom is not much of a cook, so no, not really.

6. Do you pay bills online?
If I can, I do!

7. Will you be gathering to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday?
Just with my boys!

8. Have you treated yourself to something this week?
Starbucks :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Honest Scrap (or Crap)

This great little chica over at gave me this award. Apparently she thinks I can think of 10 interesting things to say about myself. Oy. Let's see how I do.

The honorees are to...
1.) - List 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
2.) - Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap

1. In HS I always said I was moving to FL where I would stay and have 4 kids once I got married and be a photographer...or a journalist (this changed periodically). The reality is that I couldn't afford college in FL, stayed in OH (did 1 1/2 years at KSU) had my first kid at 22...and now I work for a photographer, which is much better.

2. My parents don't sleep in the same, never. I didn't realize this was abnormal until I was much older. My dad sleeps on the couch, although he would sleep in the bedroom when I had friends over and we camped out in the living room.

3. My best friend who pretty much knows everything about me, doesn't know about this blog. It was top secret, not so much anymore and I guess it's time to spill the beans.

4. I'm very shy and unsure of myself around new people. I probably come off standoff-ish but it's just b/c I'm afraid of opening my mouth and sounding like an idiot. I'm still this way with hubby's family at times. Once I start opening up, it's all good...but that initial conversation...I suck.

5. Kids intimidate me. Not my own, those I'm okay with...but other kids. OY. I work in the library at Aiden's school, when the kids come in to check out books and I can't get the computer to work (it's SLOW) my face turns red and I'm sure they are judging me. Yes, I'm afraid of being judged by 8 year old.

6. I've never done any illegal drug...unless you count taking someone elses prescription pain meds for a pulled muscle. I used to be proud of this fact, now I'm thinking maybe I missed out. Guess it's never too late, right ;)

7. Of the 9 jobs I've had in my 28 years, I've only interviewed for 1 without already knowing someone (and knowing I was getting hired regardless) I've only been on 4 interviews in my entire life.

8. I am having a really REALLY hard time coming up with 10. Jeesh...not sure if that is good or sad...

9. My cousin and I wrote a book...we like it but I'm not sure anyone else would...and we never finished doing edits, which it desperately needs. In addition to that, I've started probably 5 "books" since I was in the 6th grade. I usually get bored after the first couple chapters.

10. I have a friend named Stacy...HE lives in TX and I met him on ICQ in 1999. We still talk once a month or so. He even flew out here to visit me in 2000 (I think, maybe...I'm getting old, I forget things. It was pre-babies.)

I'm not going to tag anyone b/c I'm lazy and don't feel like putting links in. You know, that's too much like work...and it already took me 2 days to write this damn thing. I'm done. It's kind of if you are up for it, feel free to do it!

Have a nice night!

My Agenda

When my husband kisses me goodbye and casually asks what is on my agenda for the day (only not so casually b/c I know he's thinking dear lord woman please put your laundry away and clean up this disaster area of a house while you are home)Instead of saying, not much I should have replied with the following:
Get up...go pee...imagine what it was like when I could just go get back in to bed and do nothing for awhile.

Change baby while he screams and turns into a contortionist to get away from me.

Feed baby a bottle

Feed Aiden

Feed Cat

Put dinner together in crockpot (okay, I'm skipping that one)

Play with baby

Attempt to do some work while trying to keep baby from chewing on cords under my desk, even though he has the rest of the room to play in.

Try to get Aiden dressed for school without him freaking out that I had the nerve to pick "that" shirt or heaven forbid the wrong pants (yes, he is sometimes a 12 year old girl when it comes to clothes)

Change baby...see above

Feed baby cereal

Pack Aiden's lunch

Remove whatever inedible object the baby has hiding in his chubby cheek b/c no matter what, it happens at least once a day.

Bundle both boys up and start car, listen to baby scream b/c he hates his carrier.

Drop Aiden off at school

Stop at the bank and deposit paycheck

Get home and pray that baby naps

Try to get some work done, again, while baby climbs baby gate and tries to chase the cat.

After 2 hours, baby sleeps

30 mins later, wake baby up b/c it's time to get Aiden from school

Get home and remind Aiden repeatedly that no, he can not have **enter sugary snack here** before dinner.

Give baby bottle...when did he eat last? I've lost track

Play Sorry with Aiden and then listen to him get mad when the game is over, even if he wins.

Yell at Aiden...repeatedly for swinging toys around, jumping over the baby gate or attempting to wake his brother who is finally sleeping.

Throw laundry in, clean kitchen...some kind of chore so it doesn't look like I was a complete lazy whore who spent all day blogging.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meal Planning Update

I'm actually doing okay at this whole meal planning. I'm using google calendar and I set the menu as I find recipes I like. It's helping me branch out of my everyday boring standby meals. (Spaghetti, Roast, Hamburger Helper...don't judge...) Today I have Apple Cinnamon Pork Roast in the crockpot. Last night was Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup and Tater Tots. The night before...Chicken with Artichokes and Mushrooms.

Tomorrow...Beef with Red Wine and Mushrooms
Friday...Left overs night, going out (otherwise it'll be Cheese and Wine stuffed Chicken)
Sunday...BBQ Beef and Bean sandwiches

It's helping my grocery bill, keeping hubby happy...and I like trying out new stuff. It's kind of fun, especially when it doesn't taste like crap. Although I have to say, Aiden is not all that happy about the lack of chicken nuggets lately.

Wish me luck today, this is the third or fourth pork recipe I've tried, the others haven't come out so well. I can do pork chops...but pork roast, not so much.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thank You Starbucks

Thank you for your convenient locations, thank you for not only having a drive thru making it oh so easy to swing by and grab that caramel macchiato with chocolate syrup while still in my PJ's but to also having one inside of Target. Yes, thank you for feeding my ever growing addiction, along with my waistline.

I've tried to convince myself that I could just start drinking coffee at home, but I don't actually enjoy tasting my coffee...only the sugar and syrups running through that caffeine that I find myself needing to get through the day.

Not even your ridiculous sizes (what is wrong with Small,Medium and Large?) can make me walk away...or your outrageous prices...I mean who really pays $4 for a cup of freaking coffee?! Apparently, me...and millions of others as you seem to be popping up on any corner that isn't taken my McDonalds.

So thank you Starbucks for giving me yet another addiction to overcome in order to stay on WW.

Kissing Girls

In the car on Friday Aiden informed me that he loves, we'll call her K. Apparently K is some cute little blonde in his class and she's his girlfriend. Um, excuse me? Girlfriend? I laugh and change the subject asking if he and, we'll call him G, are friends again. Aiden and G have an on again off again friendship. No they weren't friends b/c Aiden went to snack instead of helping G with something. Oh those boys. get better. Apparently K is also G's girlfriend. AND she's only 4.

Wow, she gets around for a 4 year old.

I mention that I saw them playing outside in the snow b/c I got to the school a little early. He proceeds to tell me that K was wearing lip gloss and he and G both wanted to kiss her. OH DEAR LORD HELP ME NOW! I tried to tell him he doesn't want to kiss girls and that he's not even old enough to kiss girls. His reply? "Yes I am, MOM"

Wha...whaa...what did you say?! I'm not even kidding, I almost pulled over to make sure Tom Hanks from Big hadn't taken over my child and made him 14. I had a quick glimpse in to my future in a few years and I'm not sure I like it.

Fast forward to his birthday party. G is there and they're friends. I ask G's mom if she is aware of their girlfriend. She is, she's happy G likes someone in his class b/c apparently last year his crush was a 7th grader. OH BOY!

I also learned that she put up a bulletin board in the library and had the kids write on a heart who they love. You know, mommy, daddy, the cat, grandma etc. What does my kid write? Yep...K!

Yesterday he told me she had lip gloss on again and that they were getting married.

I need a drink.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things I learned

Whew, what a week it's been!!!

Monday, the 12th, my mom called to tell my that my grandma wasn't doing well. She'd had surgery on the 8th and they removed most of her colon. Nice, huh? She'd come out of surgery but it didn't look good. My grandparents live with my 2 aunts (1 of which used to be my uncle...yea, long story) down in FL. They wanted my mom down there asap. Which, I totally understand...really, I do. That being said, my parents are in no financial shape to hop a plane just like that and I did not want my mom going down there by herself. (for her own mental health) So, the logical option...for me to FL...with the baby and my mom...who doesn't drive. Yep, logical, right?
So, what did I learn on this trip?

1. I love driving with a's fabulous, even when she tells me to do a u-turn in places where it's not legal.

2. My moms side of the family is a whole new brand of crazy. C.R.A.Z.Y.

3. I have a whole new understanding for why my mom is the way she is. I learned all kinds of fun facts, like that my grandma used to keep the windows and blinds closed at all times b/c she was paranoid. She also had my grandpa cover the bedroom windows with that sticky stuff that makes it look like frosted glass so nobody could see in...and they couldn't see out. My mom can't sleep with the bedroom door closed and hates to have the blinds closed.

4. There are a lot of old people in FL, most of which shouldn't be on the road...including my 84 year old grandfather.

5. My 50+ year old aunt has a younger, married, mexican boyfriend that my grandparents don't know about.

6. Both my aunts are control freaks

7. Ian is the best baby ever...he hardly fussed even though he was in the car for 20+ hours on the way there and then again a week later. He couldn't get down and crawl b/c they have 4 dogs and tile floors, he was a champ the whole time.

8. My husband is amazing and didn't bat an eye when I called him at work Monday and told him I was leaving for FL in the morning.

9. I feel guilty for not feeling guilty. I should have some kind of feelings about my grandma being in the hospital...I should have felt sad to leave since I only see that part of the family once every few years (haven't seen my grandparents since my wedding in 2004)...and I feel like a terrible person b/c I feel nothing. It's sad to see my grandma mentally slipping away...but it's sad like it's happening to someone else, not like it's my own family. I'm just not close to them...and while I used to think my aunt was the coolest person and lived this crazy fun life...I've come to see how she manipulates my mom, how she plays on her guilt and how my grandparents play favorites amongst their children and it makes me sad and sick at the same time.

10. I am truly and honestly grateful for the family and friends that I have. Family that love me no matter what, that don't use guilt or shame as a way to get what they want and who will be there for me always. For my friends who were immediately asking to help even though their lives are just as busy and hectic...and who were constantly checking on me while I was gone. It's nice to know you have people you can count on and that your kids can count on.

***By the grandmother is physically MUCH better. Mentally...she's completely out there. She knows who we are, she remembers a lot...but she can't quite put things together. The stories were pretty crazy.

Thursday, January 8, 2009