Friday, January 30, 2009

Honest Scrap (or Crap)

This great little chica over at gave me this award. Apparently she thinks I can think of 10 interesting things to say about myself. Oy. Let's see how I do.

The honorees are to...
1.) - List 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
2.) - Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap

1. In HS I always said I was moving to FL where I would stay and have 4 kids once I got married and be a photographer...or a journalist (this changed periodically). The reality is that I couldn't afford college in FL, stayed in OH (did 1 1/2 years at KSU) had my first kid at 22...and now I work for a photographer, which is much better.

2. My parents don't sleep in the same, never. I didn't realize this was abnormal until I was much older. My dad sleeps on the couch, although he would sleep in the bedroom when I had friends over and we camped out in the living room.

3. My best friend who pretty much knows everything about me, doesn't know about this blog. It was top secret, not so much anymore and I guess it's time to spill the beans.

4. I'm very shy and unsure of myself around new people. I probably come off standoff-ish but it's just b/c I'm afraid of opening my mouth and sounding like an idiot. I'm still this way with hubby's family at times. Once I start opening up, it's all good...but that initial conversation...I suck.

5. Kids intimidate me. Not my own, those I'm okay with...but other kids. OY. I work in the library at Aiden's school, when the kids come in to check out books and I can't get the computer to work (it's SLOW) my face turns red and I'm sure they are judging me. Yes, I'm afraid of being judged by 8 year old.

6. I've never done any illegal drug...unless you count taking someone elses prescription pain meds for a pulled muscle. I used to be proud of this fact, now I'm thinking maybe I missed out. Guess it's never too late, right ;)

7. Of the 9 jobs I've had in my 28 years, I've only interviewed for 1 without already knowing someone (and knowing I was getting hired regardless) I've only been on 4 interviews in my entire life.

8. I am having a really REALLY hard time coming up with 10. Jeesh...not sure if that is good or sad...

9. My cousin and I wrote a book...we like it but I'm not sure anyone else would...and we never finished doing edits, which it desperately needs. In addition to that, I've started probably 5 "books" since I was in the 6th grade. I usually get bored after the first couple chapters.

10. I have a friend named Stacy...HE lives in TX and I met him on ICQ in 1999. We still talk once a month or so. He even flew out here to visit me in 2000 (I think, maybe...I'm getting old, I forget things. It was pre-babies.)

I'm not going to tag anyone b/c I'm lazy and don't feel like putting links in. You know, that's too much like work...and it already took me 2 days to write this damn thing. I'm done. It's kind of if you are up for it, feel free to do it!

Have a nice night!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for playin' chick!

Oh, and the thing about your parents? Hubby's parents are the same way! Very weird.