Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kissing Girls

In the car on Friday Aiden informed me that he loves, we'll call her K. Apparently K is some cute little blonde in his class and she's his girlfriend. Um, excuse me? Girlfriend? I laugh and change the subject asking if he and, we'll call him G, are friends again. Aiden and G have an on again off again friendship. No they weren't friends b/c Aiden went to snack instead of helping G with something. Oh those boys. But...it get better. Apparently K is also G's girlfriend. AND she's only 4.

Wow, she gets around for a 4 year old.

I mention that I saw them playing outside in the snow b/c I got to the school a little early. He proceeds to tell me that K was wearing lip gloss and he and G both wanted to kiss her. OH DEAR LORD HELP ME NOW! I tried to tell him he doesn't want to kiss girls and that he's not even old enough to kiss girls. His reply? "Yes I am, MOM"

Wha...whaa...what did you say?! I'm not even kidding, I almost pulled over to make sure Tom Hanks from Big hadn't taken over my child and made him 14. I had a quick glimpse in to my future in a few years and I'm not sure I like it.

Fast forward to his birthday party. G is there and they're friends. I ask G's mom if she is aware of their girlfriend. She is, she's happy G likes someone in his class b/c apparently last year his crush was a 7th grader. OH BOY!

I also learned that she put up a bulletin board in the library and had the kids write on a heart who they love. You know, mommy, daddy, the cat, grandma etc. What does my kid write? Yep...K!

Yesterday he told me she had lip gloss on again and that they were getting married.

I need a drink.


Karol said...

Holy hell woman. What have we got ourselves into?!?! Good luck!

*oh, I'll bring the margaritas. Puberty will be hell. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi chica! I think you called {did I see your # on caller ID or did I imagine it in my pain induced haze?}. I'll be around all day Thursday and Friday - give me a buzz!


JenM said...

Remind me to keep my daughter away from your son at future playdates ;-)

And shouldn't K's Mom be teaching her that boys are icky? And do 4 year olds really need lip gloss?

Red Headed Mama said...

JenM, I have a feeling the "lip gloss" is actually chap stick. :)