Friday, January 30, 2009

My Agenda

When my husband kisses me goodbye and casually asks what is on my agenda for the day (only not so casually b/c I know he's thinking dear lord woman please put your laundry away and clean up this disaster area of a house while you are home)Instead of saying, not much I should have replied with the following:
Get up...go pee...imagine what it was like when I could just go get back in to bed and do nothing for awhile.

Change baby while he screams and turns into a contortionist to get away from me.

Feed baby a bottle

Feed Aiden

Feed Cat

Put dinner together in crockpot (okay, I'm skipping that one)

Play with baby

Attempt to do some work while trying to keep baby from chewing on cords under my desk, even though he has the rest of the room to play in.

Try to get Aiden dressed for school without him freaking out that I had the nerve to pick "that" shirt or heaven forbid the wrong pants (yes, he is sometimes a 12 year old girl when it comes to clothes)

Change baby...see above

Feed baby cereal

Pack Aiden's lunch

Remove whatever inedible object the baby has hiding in his chubby cheek b/c no matter what, it happens at least once a day.

Bundle both boys up and start car, listen to baby scream b/c he hates his carrier.

Drop Aiden off at school

Stop at the bank and deposit paycheck

Get home and pray that baby naps

Try to get some work done, again, while baby climbs baby gate and tries to chase the cat.

After 2 hours, baby sleeps

30 mins later, wake baby up b/c it's time to get Aiden from school

Get home and remind Aiden repeatedly that no, he can not have **enter sugary snack here** before dinner.

Give baby bottle...when did he eat last? I've lost track

Play Sorry with Aiden and then listen to him get mad when the game is over, even if he wins.

Yell at Aiden...repeatedly for swinging toys around, jumping over the baby gate or attempting to wake his brother who is finally sleeping.

Throw laundry in, clean kitchen...some kind of chore so it doesn't look like I was a complete lazy whore who spent all day blogging.

1 comment:

Karol said...

Agenda? You slacker... :) Love you and your crazy family! Feels like a never ending cycle...but when it comes to it, it'll still be there. Enjoy the heathens!

(can't say much...been there, and it's not fun! )