Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is not that blog

You know the one.

The awesome, witty, hilariously funny one you think of while you are in the car...day dreaming about sitting on the beach with your laptop and a margarita with nothing to worry about other then when that cute cabana boy is going to bring your refill.

Of course then your 6 year old screams from the backseat b/c he's managed to get his hand stuck under his booster seat...and the baby is crying b/c he hates you and wants you to know it.

After you are brought back to reality...you finally get both kids to stop screaming and you sit down at your computer you come to realize that the awesome, witty, hilariously funny blog that was floating around in your brain has now disappeared beneath a layer of to-do lists, thoughts on work, laundry, and exactly how to get these kids to bed now so that you don't have to deal with them. It's gone and then you have to post something like this:

A: Mommy, am I parent transport everyday now? No more YCare?
M: Yep, you're parent transport everyday.
A: YES! (excitedly)
M: (grinning like a fool) Do you like it when mommy takes you to school?
A: Eh, not really. It's kind of boring.

Ahhh...where is that cabana boy?

1 comment:

natalie said...

Oh, yes, Chloe likes to remind me daily how not cool I really am...already.

I'll meet you by the cabana boy ;)