Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can we say bitch?

Yep, that's me.

No, seriously, it is. And I know, as my friends, you'll jump in and say "no you're not!" but really, I am.

I am *this* close to saying and posting all kinds of snarky bitchy comments...but instead I will just blog in hopes that it'll get the bitchy-ness out and then I can go back to my regular scheduled happy posting.

I'm the nice girl...I'm the girl that blends in to the background that nobody really loves or hate. I'm that girl, I've always been that girl...and I'm okay with that. Really, I'm not an over achiever, I've always found myself in the middle and it's fine with me. So, I fear that if I don't get this serious attitude problem I have under control...I will become the girl that everyone hates...and not in the love to hate kind of way either. In the 'lets just ignore her and hope she disappears' way.

Here are a few of my most recent pet peeves:

Moms who think their way is the right way, all.the.time. News flash, just b/c I do something different doesn't mean I'm wrong. I don't give a shit what the books say I should be doing and what "they" say is right or wrong. "they" are not raising my kids, I am! My kid has made it 6 years without being completely traumatized...he's healthy and happy so I must be doing something right! Oh, and Ian seems to be coming along nicely as well.

People who don't have kids thinking they could raise mine better. Um, no, you can't. And you know what, when I want your advice I will ask for it, until then please STFU. I don't think childless people should even get to chime in on parenting b/c until you have listened to your own child throw yet another tantrum over what shoes he is going to wear to school, you don't know how you would handle it. I don't care how much contact you've had with kids, you don't know until you've been please don't judge me when I give in b/c damnit I'm tired and we're late and just get your goddamn shoes on already!

Lack of common sense. I have a friend who is super super smart and insanely sweet but definitely lacking in the common sense department. I love her dearly...blonde moments and all. What annoys me are people who have no common sense but like to act like they do. If you are a ding bat, please just embrace it. Trust me, you make yourself look worse by pretending you actually know what you are talking about. Also, if you don't have something intelligent to add to the conversation, do us all a favor and STFU.

DVR's. This one is so insanely petty I am embarrassed to even be posting it. If I record something to watch later, I don't expect the rest of the world to keep quiet about it until I have watched. Last time I checked, the world doesn't revolve around lil' old me. So don't bitch and moan if you find out what happens on your favorite show, after it's aired, b/c you haven't watched yet. BTW, if it's a show like AI or DWTS, you probably shouldn't even get on the internet until you've watched b/c I promise SOMEONE will be talking about it.
Now...if it hasn't aired and someone is going to talk about what WILL happen without warning, that is reason to throw down.


Anonymous said...

Stacy, absolutely nothing you said qualifies you as a bitch. You're right about everything! Except for the whole "people with no kids telling you how to raise your kids" - Um...I have DOGS and I think that raising my DOGS is just like raising KIDS aight? I mean, your kids pee on the floor right? And your kids eat poop out of the yard right? So what's the big difference? Jeez!

I thought it was the hair color that made you a bitch - don't you get a free pass cuz you're a red?


kccat said...

I hear ya on the DVR thing. Annoying!! I don't think the things you said make you bitchy either but I understand where you are coming from. I am in a place in my life right now where I just want things to be positive including myself and my attitude. It takes work and time and I am having trouble with both.

Karol said...

Bitch away. I know that's what I'm good at! And you're doing a fantastic job of raising those boys. Screw anyone that says other wise!

(sorry if i'm the dingbat! ;)