Thursday, March 5, 2009

I don't get it

What you ask, because this could be any number of things. There is a lot I don't get.
**stepping up on soapbox**

Today, I don't get people who just spend spend spend. I get having to pay our bills and having to put food on the table and you know, clothes on your back. These are things you can't just say 'welp, guess we're having ice for dinner kids'. So yes, in those cases you may bust out the credit card or you might borrow money from your parents or maybe even go fill out the state forms and try to get a little government help. Times are tough, I get that...and it sucks. This blog is not about those people.
This blog is about the people who spend on crap...crap they don't need, fast food, gift to themselves b/c they want them. Well you know what? I want a lot of things but I have to be a big girl and SAVE MY MONEY...and even then, I may not get what I want. I may instead have to pay off an $800 gas they don't come shut it off. You know why? Because I can't expect anyone else to pay for it. Just like I can't expect anyone else to put gas in my car or to cover my bills so I can spend the money I do have on fun stuff.

I try really hard not to complain about money, I do. We're not rich and we're not poor. We're very content being in the middle. We've been broke, we've had our electric shut off, we've been unemployed, we're paying off credit card debt from when I was 18 and a stupid stupid college student. I get that shit happens. Now, I am not a stupid stupid 28 year old. I've learned. I may splurge on a $4 cup of coffee, I might treat myself to a movie and even buy the big drink...but I don't whip out the credit card with an "I want it, I'm going to buy it" attitude every time I see something I want but don't need. Sometimes? OF COURSE...would I if I had no job and had other people (or the government) paying my bills? HELL NO!! is a news flash, if you don't have money and it's not a matter of survival, DON'T SPEND MONEY! I'm so sick of people just expecting someone else to come to the rescue. Grow up, figure it out...don't rack up credit card bills on stupid crap you don't need...don't spend your last $20 when you don't know where your next $20 is coming from. It's common sense. You don't need Dave Ramsey or the Debt Diet to tell you this.

If you are over the age of...I'll give you 25...and still can't manage your own money. It's time to grow up, slap on the big kid undies and figure it out.

*stepping down off soapbox*

Feel free to throw Dave Ramsey books at me now.


natalie said...

Oh, I'm with you on so many levels. Time for some people to put on their big girl panties and get by on their own! I'm all about helping out people who need it, of course, it such a shame when people think they're entitled to things.

kimber926 said...

Amen to that!

Christopher J. said...

Great post! You know what... I say let those big spending schmucks stub their own toes and figure it out for themselves. Go ahead and rack it up! You know you love debt you over-spending, hyper-consuming, spoiled I-want-it-NOW brats out there. Go get you a Mercedes on payments and a big house you can't afford. And when you fall like a ton of bricks maybe you'll have learned something.

andrea said...

i am so with you. on all accounts.

i can't handle hearing people bitch about their situation when they just spent x amount of $$ on who the fuck knows what instead of food or something important.