Sunday, March 8, 2009

OMG, I have KIDS!

Ever have that moment?

I was driving home today and Aiden was chatting away in the backseat, begging to play Mario Kart when we got home. Ian was babbling, probably telling his brother to STFU already...and it hit me. I have kids. Two of them. They are in the hell did that happen?

Now I realize that Aiden has been around for 6 years and I've had several moments where I wondered how on earth he could be mine...and days when I thought maybe he was switched at birth b/c surely my child would be calm...and normal...and couldn't possibly have a smart mouth. Right? No, you don't think so? Well who asked you anyway!

Seriously though, I have these little boys and it's up to me (and okay yes, their father, jeez) to raise make sure they turn in to good keep them out of trouble (I fear this will be an almost impossible feat)...and to try our best not to fuck them up. Too badly, anyway....b/c you know, we're going to fuck something up and they'll be scarred for life. It's inevitable. All parents do something to totally mess with their poor child, no matter how hard they try. That's why we have all these wonderful little quirks about us.

I'm sure I've already scarred Aiden on several occasions, like the time I put him in time out and he was crying hysterically and I told him to stop screaming. Turned out that when I went over, 4 minutes later, he had something stuck in his foot and it was bleeding. Or how about the time I locked him inside the car and had to have someone come out to get the door open. Yep, surly that did a number on him. I think I've done okay with Ian so far...only a few tumbles off the couch and one down 2 steps. Nothing major, but he's only been around 8 months, there's still time.

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