Monday, March 30, 2009


Aiden cut his hair. Yep, my 6 year old took scissors to his hair. I noticed it while visiting with my old co-workers. Of course I said "you know what, you are wearing it to school like that!" He came home that day and told me some guy was at school taking pictures. GREEAT! I'll be honest, I haven't fixed it yet. It's not THAT bad and he likes it (of course) of these days I'll even it out. Here are some before and after pics:
Okay...I lied b/c apparently my darling husband unplugged my USB cord to charge his pocket PC. It's a bitch to climb behind my desk and plug it back will have to wait.

It's Spring Break around here...I can tell by the SNOW that was on my effing car this morning. GRRR. I have a list of things to do while I don't have to play school bus to my 6 year old. Starting wtih Ian's naps...which don't exist. As of now he's been sleeping for almost 2 glorious hours! It's been fabulous.

Aiden's new word is Fancy. He wanted his hair to be fancy when he cut it. He calls pancakes, fancy breakfast. Yes, just add water pancakes are what my kid considers fancy.

We have these toys from McDonalds, they're from Madgascar 2 and they talk when you shake them. Well Aiden had them in the car last week and left them in there...every time I would go over a bump, they would talk to me from the backseat. "Hi, I'm Alex" and "I'm every hippo's dream". Got rather annoying during a 30 min car ride, but of course I forgot to take them out. So I'm telling Jared this one nigh and he says "That's what that was?!" He'd taken my car to run to the store and said all he could understand was that somthing was talking about dreams from the back seat. The problem now? One of them is buried under the seat b/c it's still talking, but I haven't been able to find it. Hopefully when I sweep my car tomorrow it'll reappear b/c I don't need anymore backseat drives. It's bad enough that Aiden now knows what the speed limit signs are for and likes to tell me when I'm going over.


natalie said...

Oh he likes to tell you about the speed limit too, huh? Well, mine is a little bit better about it...she likes to yell at the cars in front of us because they're going '42 in a 45!' ;)

andrea said...

aiden seriously cracks me up! i love it!

and ya... some "spring" huh?