Wednesday, April 29, 2009

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

I walked away just long enough to throw a diaper in the trash...and came back to this.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blog Maintenance

My blog is getting a big shake up with the fun new blog design...and I've also decided to drop the kids names from posts. Some posts with disappear others I'll just, you may see a whole lot of stuff going on around here.

No worries, all will be right with the world (or at least my blog) soon.

My boys: Handsome Hubby (HH when I'm lazy), Thing 1 (T1), Thing 2 (T2) and Fat Cat.

Monday, April 27, 2009

How do you feel about leather?

How about dog/slave collars as a fashion statement? Leather chaps? Not your style? Hmmm...well you definitely would not have fit in at the hotel on Saturday night.

Handsome Hubby and I headed out for Date Night on Saturday. We had tickets to see Louis CK

I bought the tickets for HH's birthday along with a hotel package. So we drop the kids off with grandma and grandpa and hop on the highway...and off we go.

But, oh wait...I look at HH and realize that there is no hanger blocking my view in the backseat, meaning the clothes that he had sitting out, are still sitting in our living room. *sigh* So we do a big loop from my parents house back to our house...and THEN we're on our way.

I hate driving in the city...especially a city I'm not familiar with. I get stressed out and cranky...and I was beyond cranky b/c we had an hour before dinner and I was driving around hitting one way streets and couldn't get to the flipping hotel. I still had to do hair/make up and iron my clothes. I'd planned on having plenty of time to get ready, relax and even have a drink before dinner.

We finally get there and as we're walking in I see a guy sporting a collar and leash with a leather vest and no shirt. Now, I didn't think too much of never know what you'll stumble upon. We go to the desk and the clerk gives us a once over...we obviously don't blend in so well being, you know, dressed. The clerk goes on, a bit nervously, to tell us that there is a CLAW event going on. The hotel is completely booked and 90% off the rooms are taken by gay men decked out, head to toe, in leather. LOTS of leather. We laugh b/c's funny. I joke and tell HH I'd better not leave him alone in the hall and that I am in the safest hotel around since none of these guys want anything to do with me.

Dinner was awesome, we drank a bottle of wine and then headed to the show.
If you don't know who Louis CK is or if you've never watched Lucky need to remedy that, like, now. Seriously. He's freaking hilarious!!!
Let's talk about the not so funny parts hair twirler in front of us, who was at least 6 feet tall. If I'd had scissors I would have just chopped her hair off so she wouldn't have anything left to twirl. And how about re-adjuster boy next to me. He seriously had to readjust his "boys" every 3 minutes. I tried to ignore him but he would use the hand that was on my arm rest and I couldn't help but catch him in my peripheral. I don't have fruit and nuts so I don't know how uncomfortable it gets but I'm pretty sure if you need to touch yourself that often you might want to consult your Dr. I'm just sayin...

All in all the night was awesome...the leather boys joked with us in the elevator (there were always at least 4-6 in the elevator with us) about how on earth we ended up in THAT hotel. I wish I could have taken pics, but I didn't. If you really want to see what it's all about, google CLAW. Fun times. I am, pre-show.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just a teaser

The pics from last weekend's fundraiser are online. Here is just a teaser.

The greatest friends a girl could ask for. I don't know what I'd do without them.

More to come later...but for now, I'm off to get ready for DATE NIGHT!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainy Randoms

I missed Blog Fart here go my randoms for Monday!

1. The photoshoot went awesome yesterday! I can't wait to see the final product...expect a much longer post on that with pics soon! I ran around like a crazy person getting everything ready and totally stressing out that it was all going to be a disaster. Even running 30 minutes behind schedule for the entire morning and the fact that it was cloudy, didn't matter. We've already raised over $700, and I expect that number to go up once the prints are ordered. So excited!

2. Thing 1 woke up with a stomach ache. He was still dancing around and being a fool so I figured it wasn't too big of a deal. I made him toast and eggs and got him to eat at least part of his breakfast even though he didn't want to. It's rainy and crappy out and I was tired from the weekend so I went ahead and called him off school. I'd like to say it was mother's intuition...but really, I was just happy not to leave the house. After snuggling on the couch all afternoon, while I was dozing, I hear him making whimpering noises. Yep...he stood up and hurled all over the floor next to the couch. At least he missed the couch. Unfortunately, the area next to my desk where my cute JCrew flip flops were sitting...not so lucky. I really love those flip flops too.

3. I get a call on my cell from a hospital billing department. Hmm, okay. They ask me to verify Thing 2's date of birth and my address, so I do, and I'm informed that we owe two bills. One for over $500 and the other for $11, after insurance paid. Um, okay. I ask when they are from and what they are for. Thing 2's Echo. Okay, I figured I'd be getting a bill (wasn't expecting $500!!!!!!). When I say I'm just confused b/c I never saw the bill. She says "We sent you two statements each to the address you just verified" and proceeds to give me the wrong address. Um, no whore that is handsome hubby's old address from over SIX years ago. He never even had insurance while living was pre-Thing 1, pre "real" job that actually supplied benefits. I could almost hear her face turning red. They are sending me new statements to the correct address. Fabulous. I'll be sure to watch the mail, whore.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Through the eyes of a 6 year old

Easter Sunday, 6 year old style

**yes, Thing 1 took all of those. He has claimed our old camera as his own**

I'm gettin a makeover!!!

Well, a bloggy make over anyway! :)

I actually won something...this is a pretty big deal b/c I never win anything. Ever.
Sissy over at My Kids Might Be Martians was giving away a blog makeover in honor of her hitting 500 posts. She rocks, go her some love!

So...stay tuned for a fun and fabulous new blog designed by Subjective Beauty. Love her stuff!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh the joys of mommyhood

I love my boys, really I do. They complete me.

Okay...gag, really? Let's be honest here. They don't complete me. Yes, I couldn't imagine my life without them...but dear lord there are days when I just wish they could belong to someone else for awhile!

Thing 1 has hit the...horrific 6's. Yes, that's what we'll call them. For whatever reason, his favorite word is NO. You'd think they grow out of that...but of course not. Why would they. Only at 6 they add in a head shake and usually a 'meanie head' or something a long those lines. It's fun...let me tell you!

Easter my parents got to see first hand what we deal with on a daily basis. He just flat out doesn't listen. He's also started the "I didn't hear you" when I'm 2 feet away from him. Yea, okay kid.

We tried to have a nice Easter...he found all the eggs and the baskets...he played with his brother and opened new toys. It was grand...until the freak out happened. They both went down for naps b/c I was seriously going to lose my mind.

That night...another freak out. At one point Thing 2 was crying in his pack and play b/c he was tired but couldn't go to bed b/c T1 was too busy SCREAMING upstairs. I finally looked at T1 and told him I couldn't deal with him right now and walked away. Unfortunately, all the alcohol was gone at this point in the evening. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise....but probablly not.

Yesterday wasn't much better, he managed to get himself grounded from tv. Why do I do that?! When will I realize that it's worse on me then it is on him?!
It's not even 7:45 and they are both in bed. I even fed T1 dinner early and put him in the shower so Handsome Hubby and I could eat in peace. I needed that bit of sanity.

Oh...and T2 is getting more teeth. It is fun times around here, I'm sure you are all jealous!
For those of you with babies that don't talk...kiss them and pray they stay that way for as long as possible!

I'm becoming an addict

A giveaway addict.

I wonder if there is a self help group for this. I'm sure there is...I shall google later.

Anyway...on to the latest giveaways!!! Kati is having her 21st Birthday Bash!!

Go check it out. Free movies, cleaning supplies, snacks and more!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Eve

So the bunny didn't show up, big shock right? Good thing I bought stuff to fill those baskets. I just knew he'd flake out again. He and the cleaning fairy are probably off sipping umbrella drinks in the sun while the rest of us tired moms are picking up the slack.

At any rate...Happy Easter from two of my boys!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Myspace and Mother Nature

What do they have in common?

They both put themselves at the top of my shit list today.

Mother nature:
It's April...not November. There is no good reason for SNOW. FREAKING SNOW! I don't care that I live in OH and it's not safe to say the snow is gone until May. It's April 6th, you have been given your walking papers, now get the hell out until November (okay, who am I kidding, Oct).

Thank you for letting me create a fancy event complete with background templates. It's lovely...except it does me no good when I can't use the "INVITE GUESTS" option. I am now the only person attending my event.
Tom, fix it already, mmmkay? Thanks!

Not Me Monday

I've seen this posted before but this is my first Not Me Monday. Here are just a few things I couldn't have possibly done this weekend.

I did NOT allow my 6 year old to eat two chocolate waffles, drizzled in chocolate syrup, for breakfast and then send him to Grandma. I would never EVER do something like that!

I did NOT eat deep fried food from a very yummy place for lunch yesterday and instead of taking hubby the leftovers, gave them to my parents so that hubby wouldn't know I went out to lunch.

I did NOT go shopping and buy 4 articles of clothing for just me, without even glancing at the kids section.

There is NO WAY I went bowling and bowled a THIRTY FREAKING THREE (yes, 33!!) the first game. That isn't even possible, is it?!

After NOT eating deep fried onion rings and fries for lunch I did NOT eat a package of these for dinner.

Also, I most certainly did NOT take another package of Easter Basket Cakes upstairs with a glass of milk to enjoy while reading my book...and then hid the wrapper so hubby wouldn't see that I ate another package. That would be borderline crazy.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tweet Tweet

Yep, that's right.

I gave in

I twitter

Kind of...

Sort of...

Okay, it's all Sissy's fault. I wanted the extra entries for her Giveaway

So, tweet tweet I go.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Excuses to avoid bed time

Thing 2's not sleeping yet!
-No, he's not but he's been in bed for 20 minutes and I can only handle one screaming child at a time

But I didn't have a treat!
-you had ice cream earlier and yogos and a chocolate granola bar, you don't get treats.

Why do you get to stay up and have all the fun?
-I get to stay up b/c I'm the mom. And does it look like I'm having fun?

5 minutes after he's been thrown, I mean... put in bed...

I know I'm supposed to be in bed but I'm just sad. I miss Grandma and Grandpa
You saw Grandma this afternoon and you saw Grandpa yesterday.

I don't want daddy to go to work tomorrow (more crying)
-Daddy has to go to work tomorrow, you have all weekend to play.

But it's Spring Break
Daddy doesn't get Spring Break. When you grow up and get a job, they stop giving out things like Spring Break and Christmas vacation. Now GO.TO.BED.

But you get Spring Break
-Not really, I'm still taking care of your crabby butt everyday and I still have to do work.

Why do you work here now instead of that other place?
Because I got a new job?

How'd you get that new job?
-You are stalling, we can talk about my job in the morning

I'm not stalling, I'm just asking
-So help me if you are not in bed by the time I finish these pretzels you are going to be grounded tomorrow (although who am I kidding, it's going to rain tomorrow and I have to clean. What am I going to take away that won't be more of a punishment for me then him?)

I'm just sad, I'm trying to be good and not have attitude but I just can't help it (more instant tears) And daddy laughed at me.
-He did not laugh at GO TO BED!!!!!
Good night, Love you!

Good.Night!! You big meanie loser head.

***Now before you deem me an evil mother that is ignoring her sons dramatic declarations of sadness. He is not sad about any of the above....he has just turned in to such a freaking drama queen lately. O.M.G. Seriously...he's a 13 year old girl trapped in a 6 year old boys body, I swear!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Love You, Grandma

17 years and you are still missed, every day.

Every once in awhile I have a dream and she's there...and while the situation is usually different, one thing is always the same. She tells me she loves me, she tells me she's okay and gives me a hug. I had that dream last month, I woke up with real tears stinging my eyes, a deep ache in my chest and all I wanted to do was to go back to sleep, to see if she was still there. I wonder sometimes if she visits the boys in their dreams. Maybe, even if only in the dreams they're too young to understand, she's there.
I want to curl up and cry today but instead I'm going to play with my kids, I'm going to feed them waffles and milkshakes for lunch and I'm going remember her the way she would have wanted to be remembered.