Thursday, April 2, 2009

Excuses to avoid bed time

Thing 2's not sleeping yet!
-No, he's not but he's been in bed for 20 minutes and I can only handle one screaming child at a time

But I didn't have a treat!
-you had ice cream earlier and yogos and a chocolate granola bar, you don't get treats.

Why do you get to stay up and have all the fun?
-I get to stay up b/c I'm the mom. And does it look like I'm having fun?

5 minutes after he's been thrown, I mean... put in bed...

I know I'm supposed to be in bed but I'm just sad. I miss Grandma and Grandpa
You saw Grandma this afternoon and you saw Grandpa yesterday.

I don't want daddy to go to work tomorrow (more crying)
-Daddy has to go to work tomorrow, you have all weekend to play.

But it's Spring Break
Daddy doesn't get Spring Break. When you grow up and get a job, they stop giving out things like Spring Break and Christmas vacation. Now GO.TO.BED.

But you get Spring Break
-Not really, I'm still taking care of your crabby butt everyday and I still have to do work.

Why do you work here now instead of that other place?
Because I got a new job?

How'd you get that new job?
-You are stalling, we can talk about my job in the morning

I'm not stalling, I'm just asking
-So help me if you are not in bed by the time I finish these pretzels you are going to be grounded tomorrow (although who am I kidding, it's going to rain tomorrow and I have to clean. What am I going to take away that won't be more of a punishment for me then him?)

I'm just sad, I'm trying to be good and not have attitude but I just can't help it (more instant tears) And daddy laughed at me.
-He did not laugh at GO TO BED!!!!!
Good night, Love you!

Good.Night!! You big meanie loser head.

***Now before you deem me an evil mother that is ignoring her sons dramatic declarations of sadness. He is not sad about any of the above....he has just turned in to such a freaking drama queen lately. O.M.G. Seriously...he's a 13 year old girl trapped in a 6 year old boys body, I swear!

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roadrunner201 said...

LOL! This made me laugh! Oh, the things I have to look forward to in a couple of years!