Monday, April 27, 2009

How do you feel about leather?

How about dog/slave collars as a fashion statement? Leather chaps? Not your style? Hmmm...well you definitely would not have fit in at the hotel on Saturday night.

Handsome Hubby and I headed out for Date Night on Saturday. We had tickets to see Louis CK

I bought the tickets for HH's birthday along with a hotel package. So we drop the kids off with grandma and grandpa and hop on the highway...and off we go.

But, oh wait...I look at HH and realize that there is no hanger blocking my view in the backseat, meaning the clothes that he had sitting out, are still sitting in our living room. *sigh* So we do a big loop from my parents house back to our house...and THEN we're on our way.

I hate driving in the city...especially a city I'm not familiar with. I get stressed out and cranky...and I was beyond cranky b/c we had an hour before dinner and I was driving around hitting one way streets and couldn't get to the flipping hotel. I still had to do hair/make up and iron my clothes. I'd planned on having plenty of time to get ready, relax and even have a drink before dinner.

We finally get there and as we're walking in I see a guy sporting a collar and leash with a leather vest and no shirt. Now, I didn't think too much of never know what you'll stumble upon. We go to the desk and the clerk gives us a once over...we obviously don't blend in so well being, you know, dressed. The clerk goes on, a bit nervously, to tell us that there is a CLAW event going on. The hotel is completely booked and 90% off the rooms are taken by gay men decked out, head to toe, in leather. LOTS of leather. We laugh b/c's funny. I joke and tell HH I'd better not leave him alone in the hall and that I am in the safest hotel around since none of these guys want anything to do with me.

Dinner was awesome, we drank a bottle of wine and then headed to the show.
If you don't know who Louis CK is or if you've never watched Lucky need to remedy that, like, now. Seriously. He's freaking hilarious!!!
Let's talk about the not so funny parts hair twirler in front of us, who was at least 6 feet tall. If I'd had scissors I would have just chopped her hair off so she wouldn't have anything left to twirl. And how about re-adjuster boy next to me. He seriously had to readjust his "boys" every 3 minutes. I tried to ignore him but he would use the hand that was on my arm rest and I couldn't help but catch him in my peripheral. I don't have fruit and nuts so I don't know how uncomfortable it gets but I'm pretty sure if you need to touch yourself that often you might want to consult your Dr. I'm just sayin...

All in all the night was awesome...the leather boys joked with us in the elevator (there were always at least 4-6 in the elevator with us) about how on earth we ended up in THAT hotel. I wish I could have taken pics, but I didn't. If you really want to see what it's all about, google CLAW. Fun times. I am, pre-show.


*Noelle* said...

omg! CLAW!! that is funny and GROSS! how nice to have a date night with your hubby... whats that again?? you looked lovely and i hope he told you so!?!?! mine forgets to add that detail always:(

fruit and nuts?? LMAO! never heard that combo before! you are a riot girl!!

noelle ♥

Peach said...

You are beautiful! Love your swoopy side bang! ;)