Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

I've seen this posted before but this is my first Not Me Monday. Here are just a few things I couldn't have possibly done this weekend.

I did NOT allow my 6 year old to eat two chocolate waffles, drizzled in chocolate syrup, for breakfast and then send him to Grandma. I would never EVER do something like that!

I did NOT eat deep fried food from a very yummy place for lunch yesterday and instead of taking hubby the leftovers, gave them to my parents so that hubby wouldn't know I went out to lunch.

I did NOT go shopping and buy 4 articles of clothing for just me, without even glancing at the kids section.

There is NO WAY I went bowling and bowled a THIRTY FREAKING THREE (yes, 33!!) the first game. That isn't even possible, is it?!

After NOT eating deep fried onion rings and fries for lunch I did NOT eat a package of these for dinner.

Also, I most certainly did NOT take another package of Easter Basket Cakes upstairs with a glass of milk to enjoy while reading my book...and then hid the wrapper so hubby wouldn't see that I ate another package. That would be borderline crazy.

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