Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh the joys of mommyhood

I love my boys, really I do. They complete me.

Okay...gag, really? Let's be honest here. They don't complete me. Yes, I couldn't imagine my life without them...but dear lord there are days when I just wish they could belong to someone else for awhile!

Thing 1 has hit the...horrific 6's. Yes, that's what we'll call them. For whatever reason, his favorite word is NO. You'd think they grow out of that...but of course not. Why would they. Only at 6 they add in a head shake and usually a 'meanie head' or something a long those lines. It's fun...let me tell you!

Easter my parents got to see first hand what we deal with on a daily basis. He just flat out doesn't listen. He's also started the "I didn't hear you" when I'm 2 feet away from him. Yea, okay kid.

We tried to have a nice Easter...he found all the eggs and the baskets...he played with his brother and opened new toys. It was grand...until the freak out happened. They both went down for naps b/c I was seriously going to lose my mind.

That night...another freak out. At one point Thing 2 was crying in his pack and play b/c he was tired but couldn't go to bed b/c T1 was too busy SCREAMING upstairs. I finally looked at T1 and told him I couldn't deal with him right now and walked away. Unfortunately, all the alcohol was gone at this point in the evening. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise....but probablly not.

Yesterday wasn't much better, he managed to get himself grounded from tv. Why do I do that?! When will I realize that it's worse on me then it is on him?!
It's not even 7:45 and they are both in bed. I even fed T1 dinner early and put him in the shower so Handsome Hubby and I could eat in peace. I needed that bit of sanity.

Oh...and T2 is getting more teeth. It is fun times around here, I'm sure you are all jealous!
For those of you with babies that don't talk...kiss them and pray they stay that way for as long as possible!

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*Noelle* said...

oh, AMEN sister!! my gavin who is 7 1/2 got nuts around 5! the mouth is HORRIBLE! i had a bad night with him last night; we swore we heard him say as* in the bath tub and he swears up and down that he said "ars" (lol, but not really!!) then the mouth continued, so i sent him to bed with no story or bed time snack; which is worse than any other punishment imaginable!! he cried and stomped and turned red, veins popping out... HELP ME NOW LORD! that boy needs something, a happy pill maybe?? those happy pills help me!! i think when kids get to school; the pick up things from others, boys are emotional too now-a-days! i think of my 3 brothers when they were younger, and they never did this!

so i can relate to your pain! i told you we have a LOT in common:) is your #2 your easy one?? mine is!!!

take a deep breath and yell, "calgon, take me away!!" i do that every now and then:)

noelle ☻