Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainy Randoms

I missed Blog Fart here go my randoms for Monday!

1. The photoshoot went awesome yesterday! I can't wait to see the final product...expect a much longer post on that with pics soon! I ran around like a crazy person getting everything ready and totally stressing out that it was all going to be a disaster. Even running 30 minutes behind schedule for the entire morning and the fact that it was cloudy, didn't matter. We've already raised over $700, and I expect that number to go up once the prints are ordered. So excited!

2. Thing 1 woke up with a stomach ache. He was still dancing around and being a fool so I figured it wasn't too big of a deal. I made him toast and eggs and got him to eat at least part of his breakfast even though he didn't want to. It's rainy and crappy out and I was tired from the weekend so I went ahead and called him off school. I'd like to say it was mother's intuition...but really, I was just happy not to leave the house. After snuggling on the couch all afternoon, while I was dozing, I hear him making whimpering noises. Yep...he stood up and hurled all over the floor next to the couch. At least he missed the couch. Unfortunately, the area next to my desk where my cute JCrew flip flops were sitting...not so lucky. I really love those flip flops too.

3. I get a call on my cell from a hospital billing department. Hmm, okay. They ask me to verify Thing 2's date of birth and my address, so I do, and I'm informed that we owe two bills. One for over $500 and the other for $11, after insurance paid. Um, okay. I ask when they are from and what they are for. Thing 2's Echo. Okay, I figured I'd be getting a bill (wasn't expecting $500!!!!!!). When I say I'm just confused b/c I never saw the bill. She says "We sent you two statements each to the address you just verified" and proceeds to give me the wrong address. Um, no whore that is handsome hubby's old address from over SIX years ago. He never even had insurance while living was pre-Thing 1, pre "real" job that actually supplied benefits. I could almost hear her face turning red. They are sending me new statements to the correct address. Fabulous. I'll be sure to watch the mail, whore.


Anonymous said...

Hey! This is Kati from Country Girl, City Life. This is my work blog.. and I was hoping you would be a doll and follow!

It is an eco-friendly landscaping company....

Kati said...

The $74/$100 purchase coupons were behind a ball that bounced behind the little girl and her mom.. it went by every 5 minutes or so. I found it by accident.. and then the hubby and I spent 30 minutes trying to get one.. and he ended up with 2.. which is great because the kids NEED clothes!!