Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ah...the joys

So I lovingly refer to my neighborhood at the borderline ghetto. It's getting less and less borderline and more ghetto by the day. I fall asleep at night to the sounds of car doors slamming and girls screaming at boyfriends, boyfriends calling girlfriends whores and skanks, neglected dogs barking, cars racing down the street, babies crying and usually a siren in the distance. I've gotten used to it...I've accepted that this is what we have to deal with for the time being. Eventually we'll be out of this place and I'll get to fall asleep to silence or maybe crickets. Crickets would be nice.

Tonight, as I was trying to think of something to blog about and coming up empty handed, handsome hubby relayed a conversation he'd just had with a friend of his. When it doubt, turn to the ghetto for blog material.

Apparently the local convenience store sells cigarettes for 40 cents. No, I'm not talking about the candy ones that we had has kids or the bubble gum ones that if you blew on a puff of "smoke" would come out...actual cigarettes. SINGLE cigarettes for 40 cents each. Yes, this is illegal but apparently they've been doing it for years. Catering to the local junkies who spent all their cash on god knows what and now just a quick nicotine fix...don't have $4 for a pack, no can buy one or two.
Ah yes, I love the ghetto.

And sadly...Hubby's friend is buying a single b/c he's quitting tomorrow and doesn't want a pack. hmmm...yea, I'll leave that one alone.

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Mommy of M's said...

We used just moved from a neighborhood just like that. Although I was never brave enough to go into the gas station I'm sure they probably sold them like that to!

I do miss hearing some of the name calling that went on, it was like a soap opera sometimes.