Friday, May 8, 2009

Double Whammy Friday

I sent him a text to see if he cared if I went out to get a drink tonight.

His reply: Of course not.

I don't ever feel the need to ask permission to do something but I do feel like I sometimes go off doing my own thing and forget that maybe he might want to actually, you know, do something. He doesn't go out much, I on the other hand start to twitch if I don't get out frequently. :)

He rocks b/c he lets me do my own thing, hang out with my girls and go out for drinks without so much as a second thought. He knows it make me happy...and playing video games makes him happy. :)

...and proof reading. I'm very busy around here, you know!


*Noelle* said...

good for you! mine doesn't have many friends anymore cause his old guy pals are asses and stop hanging with him when he became a dad and a REAL man unlike them. sometimes i feel guilty when i do stuff with the girls and he doesn't get too. i think he gets jealous! props to your hubby for him being so supportive!!

noelle ♥

*Noelle* said...

love the new blog look!!!