Friday, May 1, 2009

Like a kid on Christmas

Kati did a giveaway for her 21st birthday. I know, right? It's her birthday and she's giving stuff away. She actually did several giveaways, she's a pretty kick ass girl. :)

Well, I ended up being her grand prize winner and she sent me a package filled with a few of her favorite things.

I pulled in to my drive and as soon as I saw the brown box sitting on my porch I couldn't get out of the car fast enough...I was, literally, like a kid on Christmas...b/c you know, as adults, how often do we get really GOOD stuff in the mail? Sure the occasional card might be thrown in with the bills and I do like it when the coupons show up...but this was way better then $2.00 off Huggies.

Here is what was in the box...

I've already eaten half the bag of chex mix. What? There's 50% less fat then regular potato chips.


*Noelle* said...

holy crap- jackpot!! you will receive LOTS of cute goodies from me in a couple days too:)

oh, btw- i am stoked about those GIFT CARDS TOO!!!! Target... here I come baby!!

Noelle ♥

Kati said...

I am super glad you liked it.. I had a really hard time decided exactly what to fill it with!

Sissy said...

um didn't you just win my giveaway? no fair!

*Noelle* said...

p.s. not to be a BRAT, but... our swap packages to each other TOTALLY KICK SOME ASS compared to some of the others I've seen!! LOL

can't wait for you to get yours!!!!

noelle :)

natalie said...

Woo-hoo, lady!!! Super jealous :)