Friday, June 12, 2009

My baby is ONE

Now, if you are looking for the sappy blog with past and present may want to come back another day (most likely tomorrow).

Today...I'm stressed and bitter and just damn cranky.


Second...he's sick! He's had a fever for days and the Dr. says it's a virus. So guess what? No quick fix for that, just have to wait and keep the fever down. Fun times. He's been relatively happy, until today. Today he's a mega crab-ass.

I've spent months planning his party. It was at a park, I made the banner, I found Martha's monkey cake, I borrowed all kinds of cake tools (thank you Karol) to make it, I bought 10 bananas to use as decorations, I have 4 different cake mixes for cupcakes...but alas, none of that does me any good b/c there will be no party tomorrow.

Most people I've told are okay with this...who wants to go to a party and see a sick kid with bags under his eyes even though he's been sleeping 18 hours a day?! NOT ME! There are, however, a few people who are being pissy about us deciding to reschedule our childs birthday party. Well you know what? SUCK IT! He's not your kid, you don't have to deal with him when he melts in to a crying sugar overloaded mess b/c you will be at home by the time that happens.

I'm not bitter about rescheduling, I think this is best for everyone...mostly T2 and definitely ME. I am bitter that we can't have it at the park now b/c it's booked all summer, but hey, now we can have beer. :) See, there's always a silver lining...


Anonymous said...

someone's pissy because your kid is sick and maybe that's not the best time to celebrate? people suck!

by the way, no need to combine the evil Aidan/Aiden's - I added the button. peace?

*Noelle* said...

screw 'em!!! obviously they can't relate to having a sick kid!! don't sweat having to reschedule; you'd rather have a happy healthy baby at his party than a sick cranky one:) he won't even know that his party has been rescheduled either!!!


Mommy of M's said...

Hope the little fella feels better soon.

You can't please everyone- I stopped trying a looonnnggg time ago.