Friday, June 12, 2009

True Story

HH: Why are your toys out here, no matter how many times I tell you, your toys end up in here
**said while T1 is at the top of the stairs for the 10th time since being tucked in**
T1: Don't...
**too late, HH tossed said toy in to the play room**
T1: I just told you not to throw that toy and you did it anyway. Why did you do that?
HH: You know a good way to avoid that?
T1: completely ignoring HH You just threw that toy. I'm going to take that Wii away if you can't listen
HH: Good night **going back to his Wii golf game**
T1: Daddy, I'm serious. If you can't just listen to me, I'm going to take that Wii and give it to some other daddy.
HH: Oh yea?
**yes, he is very mature...and wonders where T1 gets it**


*Noelle* said...

sounds like our oldest smarty pants son!! lol, that is funny!! what did your hubby think after that??

kccat said...

Very cute.

Jill said...

That is FUNNY! That boy cracks me up

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

LOL! Too funny!! Princess Nagger tends to adopt an attitude that hubby can't figure out where she picked it up from...until he adopts that attitude himself and I can say 'Like father, like daughter!' *snicker!* :)