Monday, July 27, 2009

Random late night post

Okay, 11:15 might not be late night for some of you...but for this mama, it's late!

You know what's nice? Random compliments...from random people. I know, this is going to make me sound like a vain whore, but I don't care.

I met a friend of a friend 2 years ago (and holy hell, it's been that long?!). We've chatted via facebook and myspace since then. He's a super nice guy, younger...girl problems and you know, I'm all older and wiser and that shit, so I "help". Or at least I pretend to know what the hell I'm talking about.

Tonight, after sake and plum wine with my sushi dinner, I posted one of those "social experiments" on Facebook. You know, the one that asks people to leave a memory. It's so ridiculous, but I did it anyway.

His reply: Pub. Patio. You were hot. memmmmorieeees.

I know it is the dumbest thing, but it literally put a huge ass smile on my face and made me a little giddy. Not in the 'omg I'm going to leave my husband for you right now' kind of way, don't get me wrong. It's not like that. It's just that once in awhile, it's nice to know that someone (other then my husband, who is legally obligated to thinks so) think I'm hot. Or I was 2 years ago anyway. *sigh*

The girls from that night out:

And no, this isn't the same guy...this is Chris Cauley. He rocks and if you have the chance to go see him play, you should.

The whole group

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zoo pics

Last week I met up with my blogging buddy Noelle, as mentioned the my last post, for a trip to the Zoo.

No, no it wasn't a family reunion, it really was a zoo...with animals other then my children.

While we were waiting at the entrance I tried to get a picture of the boys in front of the sign. This is what I ended up with:

Noelle's oldest was celebrating his birthday, and apparently my oldest was giving him the crazy eye. At one point during the day the phrase "Happy Birthday, Dude" was uttered. It was pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

They had these awesome honeycombs that the kids had a blast playing in, of course even the little guy needed in on the action!

Here are some of the random animal pics. It was a really awesome trip and we're excited to go back!

I have more pictures...and more stories, but I'm old and it's past 11pm, which means my brain is no longer functioning and I need sleep.

Depending on my level of lazy, I may or may not post more. No promises.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The voice of reason

I apologize in advance that there is no actual picture to accompany this post. It's on my phone and I can't get it off my phone. Well, maybe I can, somehow...but I'm lazy and I'm not going to figure that out right now.

We headed to the Toledo Zoo on Thursday to meet my bloggy frien Noelle. We were paired up for a swap a few months ago and found that we have a lot in common...including adorable boys! The zoo was a blast, I can't wait to go back! I do have pics from that, but that will probably be a post for another day. I haven't even taken them off the camera yet!

On the way to the zoo I was behind a full size van that had a window ac unit in the back window. It was just like something out of those email forwards that are so popular.
This is not the actual picture but here is one I found online:

So of course while cruising along at 75 mph I had to get a picture. Yes, I'm also the girl that talks/texts while driving and has been known to put all of her makeup on while at the wheel. Whatever.

I showed the picture to a few people, we all laughed.

I showed my dad over the weekend, he says "oh, looks like someone was using their van for camping".

Now dad, why do you have to have a reasonable (although still pretty ghetto) excuse for it?! That takes all the fun out of it. Damn the voice of reason.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

(mostly) wordless wednesday

I think this will always be one of my favorite pictures!

Sorry if you subscribe and you saw this and then it disappeared. It's late and I'm having issues scheduling my post :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A typical dinner in my house

You know, in a perfect world you sit down for dinner promptly at 6pm. The table is clean, the table is set with plates, napkins and silverware, dishes of food placed in the middle for everyone to pass. You know, real June Cleaver type stuff.

But...we're not perfect in our house, or anything close. We shove all the crap that has accumulated on the table to one end, wipe off any left over syrup that might be lingering from breakfast and make room for the 4 of us to eat. We fill our plates in the kitchen, hopefully we have enough clean plates b/c one by one they're disappearing. Damn those cheap Bed Bath and Beyond plates that break even when you just slightly toss them in to the sink! We use paper towels because I don't bother buying napkins AND select a size paper towels, that just seems silly.

What is going to follow, is the conversation that took place this evening, at 8pm while eating our dinner that consisted of frozen ravioli with jarred sauce for the boys and left over wheat pasta with veggies and a black bean burger for me.

M: (that would be me) Dinner's ready!!!
T1: Coming
T2: *banging on tray b/c I am obviously not stuffing his face fast enough*
M: How was your day, hun? *we do try to be :civilized at times*
HH: Sucked...*goes on to talk about things you really won't care about. I only care b/c you know, he's my husband*
T1: Um, why is there no... *standing in his towel with dripping wet hair*
M: Excuse me? Is daddy talking? Do we interrupt when other people are talking? *yes, I clearly interrupted him to tell him this*
T1: No, but...
HH: Please sit down and eat your dinner.
T1: I was just going to say, why is there no fork?!
HH: Oh, *looking at me* that is a good question...
M: I realize you don't have a fork, I was going to say that you could get one after you get dressed. You are not sitting at the dinner table naked. *again, we really do try to be civilized*
T1: But I'm not dried off!
M: Please go dry off and get your clothes on. At least put underwear on, please.
HH: *continues with his work story*
T2: *more banging on tray and throwing sippy cup down, splashing milk on my leg*
T1: Hey daddy...
HH: Yes...*obviously giving up on his story at this point*
T1: I found a spider upstairs, a real one this time not a pretend one.
HH: Oh yea?
M: Please eat your dinner, you need to get to bed
T1: *bite* yea, a real one. it was in the corner by the laundry shoot, so I poured water on it and then it was on the carpet.
HH: There is no carpet in the bathroom
T1: NO...*clearly getting aggitated*
M: you mean it ran in to the hall, on the carpet?
T1: Well, it floated. It was still alive when I poured the water on it...
HH: It floated? How much water did you pour?
T1: Not much, it's fine, I already mopped it up.
M: With what?
T1: My towel

**fast forward 15 minutes later while T1 is upstairs getting his book for bed**

M: What is that noise?
HH: I don't know...

*drip, drip drip*

HH: Don't tell me that is water? That is fucking water, isn't it?
M: Um, I think so but I can't tell where it's coming from
HH: Dammit! How much water did he dump on that spider?!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some things never change

I spent a chunk of this afternoon cleaning out my basement. We have piles of boxes and rubbermaid down there that have been there since we moved in, 3 years ago. As of now I have 2 big boxes of trash, 4 boxes of yard sale junk (or treasure, however you want to look at it) and 2 containers with books/pictures/memorabilia that I can't part with.

I found my diary from when I was 9. I got it for Christmas 1989! Of course the last entry I was 12...almost 13, yet it was only 1/2 full. Obviously I was a slacker about keeping up back then as well.

There was page upon page talking about how I thought a boy was cute and oh I just loved him. Lots of crap about my brother and how he fights with my mom (something else that hasn't changed) and just general ridiculous tween drama. Worrying about my hair and thinking that boys would find me pretty if I changed it. Ugh. Seriously? I wanted to go back in time and smack my 11 year old self.

So remember in my BFF post about wanting a girl? Yea, I've changed my mind...I'll keep my boys, thanks. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

BFF time (and even on Friday, go me!)

1. I am a bad bad blogger who now only manages to post on Wed and Fri. I need to work on this...I have no real excuse either.

2. I recently have this urge to have another baby...but I want a baby girl. I love my boys, I do and I'm happy as can be with them and we're done with kids, for sure, but when I see little girls playing dress up and doing make overs it makes me a little sad that I won't have that. (and hot damn that is a long ass run on sentence!) My boys will already end up in therapy, no need to add on "my mommy put bows in my hair and painted my nails" to the list of offenses.

3. This is the third time I've typed out a third blog fart and I keep deleting them, deciding they're not even worth BFF. That is just sad. Apparently I'm running low on randomness today.

4. I went swimming today...well, wading a lake. I need a shower.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

(not so) Wordless Wednesday

We spent the weekend camping and this is the first time since getting back that I've had 45 seconds to sit down and blog....I thought I'd just do my Wordless Wednesday post with some pics and be done with it, but then I decided that I really need to post a camping PSA (Public Service Announcement for those who aren't "in the know")

1. While camping, do no play music loud enough for the entire campground to hear. I don't care if you think it's wonderful, your neighbors will not.
2. If you have said loud neighbors, feel free to call the park ranger, but know that it will likely do very little good.
3. If you have kids and you plan on letting them run around and play with the other kids, explain to them that it's rude to go on to their "friends" campsites and open coolers, ask for food and generally just annoy the adults that are trying to sit around and have 10 mins of adult conversation.
4. If you come over to yell at your annoying child for talking to strangers, don't turn around and the proceed to leave her there. Yes, I know that she talks...a lot...and you are probably happy to get a break but I'm not here to babysit your kids, I have my own thankyouverymuch.
5. Please remember that you are not in the trailer park or on a city street, screaming at your children to SHUT UP or telling one kid they should be asleep while screaming at the other three kids to get the hell out of there and what the hell do you think you are doing is very annoying to the neighboring campsites, who can hear you.
6. Remember, trees are no walls. We can hear you over here and will give you dirty looks when you walk past if you act like you belong on Jerry Springer. for us, we had perfectly well behaved children all weekend and we sat around singing kumbaya.

Okay...yea, you can stop laughing now. Our kids were, for the most part, good. They did have their moments. We didn't sing, we sat around drinking adult lemonade and eating s'mores. It was fabulous and I have to give kuddos to my girl for hanging in there, sober and pregnant. :)

Now...on to the mostly wordless part:
My attempt at a photoshoot with Ian...he was more interested in the rocks


Last year the boys took up whittling, this is Handsome Hubby's finished Rook from this year. Apparently we'll someday have a complete chess set.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

BFF, it's been awhile

Yes, I know it's Thursday...whatever.

1. I've discovered google reader, finally. The thing is, I have to remind myself to actually go to the blog and comment when I read something I like. So, just a friendly reminder to everyone...leave a quick comment, even if it's just to say hi, say you like that blog or the post. It's cool to blog stalk and you don't need to comment on every post but the writer generally appreciates a little comment love once in awhile.
Alicia left me a random comment last week saying that she thought my blog was cute. It's corny, but it made me, go make someone smile today, k?

2. We're going camping this weekend, the first time we've taken a 1 year old camping. He's mobile and doesn't sit still or enjoy being confined. I figure if we survive the weekend without a trip to the ER, I'll call it a win.

3. Just an FYI, there are 763 calories and 52 grams of fat in an Applebees Maple Butter Blondie...the equivalent of 20 WW points. I had one for dessert last night, after I had a nice grilled chicken 7 point dinner...oh, and a blue margarita. And did I mention camping this weekend...s'mores, pie iron pizzas, hot dogs, burgers. Yea, weigh in on Monday is not going to be pretty!!

4. Jared and I are going camping alone in Aug. I can't wait. Seriously...can.not.wait.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Wednesday

For a few more hours anyway :)


In honor of the SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY THREE calories I consumed, on just dessert, at dinner tonight...a picture of me (okay, yea and HH too), pre kids...when I thought I was fat.