Thursday, July 2, 2009

BFF, it's been awhile

Yes, I know it's Thursday...whatever.

1. I've discovered google reader, finally. The thing is, I have to remind myself to actually go to the blog and comment when I read something I like. So, just a friendly reminder to everyone...leave a quick comment, even if it's just to say hi, say you like that blog or the post. It's cool to blog stalk and you don't need to comment on every post but the writer generally appreciates a little comment love once in awhile.
Alicia left me a random comment last week saying that she thought my blog was cute. It's corny, but it made me, go make someone smile today, k?

2. We're going camping this weekend, the first time we've taken a 1 year old camping. He's mobile and doesn't sit still or enjoy being confined. I figure if we survive the weekend without a trip to the ER, I'll call it a win.

3. Just an FYI, there are 763 calories and 52 grams of fat in an Applebees Maple Butter Blondie...the equivalent of 20 WW points. I had one for dessert last night, after I had a nice grilled chicken 7 point dinner...oh, and a blue margarita. And did I mention camping this weekend...s'mores, pie iron pizzas, hot dogs, burgers. Yea, weigh in on Monday is not going to be pretty!!

4. Jared and I are going camping alone in Aug. I can't wait. Seriously...can.not.wait.


*Noelle* said...

holy crap, that is one BAD blondie!!! i'm sure you will burn it off camping this weekend:) have fun!!
i can't wait till our honeymoon to get some time alone... what is alone time exactly??

hugs ♥

natalie said...

Woo-hoo on camping alone!

Karol said...

Damn-it you! I told you not to look up the contents of that desert (sp?)!!! Have fun this weekend!