Friday, July 10, 2009

BFF time (and even on Friday, go me!)

1. I am a bad bad blogger who now only manages to post on Wed and Fri. I need to work on this...I have no real excuse either.

2. I recently have this urge to have another baby...but I want a baby girl. I love my boys, I do and I'm happy as can be with them and we're done with kids, for sure, but when I see little girls playing dress up and doing make overs it makes me a little sad that I won't have that. (and hot damn that is a long ass run on sentence!) My boys will already end up in therapy, no need to add on "my mommy put bows in my hair and painted my nails" to the list of offenses.

3. This is the third time I've typed out a third blog fart and I keep deleting them, deciding they're not even worth BFF. That is just sad. Apparently I'm running low on randomness today.

4. I went swimming today...well, wading a lake. I need a shower.


*Noelle* said...

hehehe! i have always wanted a girl, just to dress her, play dolls, and all that girly stuff! i just didn't want to deal with periods, pms and all that other drama! i have a very feminine son and thats enough for me! lol

you would have a very cute red headed little girl though:)

natalie said...

You can borrow my girl any time you want ;)