Wednesday, July 8, 2009

(not so) Wordless Wednesday

We spent the weekend camping and this is the first time since getting back that I've had 45 seconds to sit down and blog....I thought I'd just do my Wordless Wednesday post with some pics and be done with it, but then I decided that I really need to post a camping PSA (Public Service Announcement for those who aren't "in the know")

1. While camping, do no play music loud enough for the entire campground to hear. I don't care if you think it's wonderful, your neighbors will not.
2. If you have said loud neighbors, feel free to call the park ranger, but know that it will likely do very little good.
3. If you have kids and you plan on letting them run around and play with the other kids, explain to them that it's rude to go on to their "friends" campsites and open coolers, ask for food and generally just annoy the adults that are trying to sit around and have 10 mins of adult conversation.
4. If you come over to yell at your annoying child for talking to strangers, don't turn around and the proceed to leave her there. Yes, I know that she talks...a lot...and you are probably happy to get a break but I'm not here to babysit your kids, I have my own thankyouverymuch.
5. Please remember that you are not in the trailer park or on a city street, screaming at your children to SHUT UP or telling one kid they should be asleep while screaming at the other three kids to get the hell out of there and what the hell do you think you are doing is very annoying to the neighboring campsites, who can hear you.
6. Remember, trees are no walls. We can hear you over here and will give you dirty looks when you walk past if you act like you belong on Jerry Springer. for us, we had perfectly well behaved children all weekend and we sat around singing kumbaya.

Okay...yea, you can stop laughing now. Our kids were, for the most part, good. They did have their moments. We didn't sing, we sat around drinking adult lemonade and eating s'mores. It was fabulous and I have to give kuddos to my girl for hanging in there, sober and pregnant. :)

Now...on to the mostly wordless part:
My attempt at a photoshoot with Ian...he was more interested in the rocks


Last year the boys took up whittling, this is Handsome Hubby's finished Rook from this year. Apparently we'll someday have a complete chess set.



*Noelle* said...

omg! this was freakin hilarious!! i can imagine all the rednecks out there yelling at their kids! LOL i guess that is why i don't do camping, that and i am a prissy ass girly girl who needs her flat iron, a clean shower and HATES bugs!! maybe when the boys are older, i will suck it up and go with them sometime, maybe I said!!

the pics are so cute! glad you had a good time:) can't wait to see you 3 in person next week! watch out, cause I'm sure I'm gonna wanna hug ya!! lol

Kris said...

Hi there! I came across your blog and this made me laugh...where we at the same camp site??? Our's was the same way

Sara Bonds said...

LOL! You are so funny. The music is what drives me the most crazy at campgrounds, because they usually play crap music really loud.

Great photos.