Monday, July 27, 2009

Random late night post

Okay, 11:15 might not be late night for some of you...but for this mama, it's late!

You know what's nice? Random compliments...from random people. I know, this is going to make me sound like a vain whore, but I don't care.

I met a friend of a friend 2 years ago (and holy hell, it's been that long?!). We've chatted via facebook and myspace since then. He's a super nice guy, younger...girl problems and you know, I'm all older and wiser and that shit, so I "help". Or at least I pretend to know what the hell I'm talking about.

Tonight, after sake and plum wine with my sushi dinner, I posted one of those "social experiments" on Facebook. You know, the one that asks people to leave a memory. It's so ridiculous, but I did it anyway.

His reply: Pub. Patio. You were hot. memmmmorieeees.

I know it is the dumbest thing, but it literally put a huge ass smile on my face and made me a little giddy. Not in the 'omg I'm going to leave my husband for you right now' kind of way, don't get me wrong. It's not like that. It's just that once in awhile, it's nice to know that someone (other then my husband, who is legally obligated to thinks so) think I'm hot. Or I was 2 years ago anyway. *sigh*

The girls from that night out:

And no, this isn't the same guy...this is Chris Cauley. He rocks and if you have the chance to go see him play, you should.

The whole group


*Noelle* said...

it IS nice to hear things like that! my hubby to be never says i'm HOT, just you look NICE. NICE? wtf is NICE? an old lady going to bingo club looks NICE!!! i gave birth to your monkeys and have recently lost 15 pounds!! i think i deserve to be called HOT just once!! don't ya think??? damn stupid men!!!!

hugs ♥

Kati said...

There is nothing wrong with a good compliment. Smile away!

natalie said...

you're still hot, lady ;)